PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Intarsia- say what?

Intarsia- say what?

It seems that over the past year I am seeing "intarsia" everywhere. I ordered a DvF sweater dress last year that was described as their "intarsia" dress. This year, I am seeing intarsia all over the place. What is this?

After visiting my little friend, Wikipedia, I discovered that intarsia is a knitting method used to create patterns with multiple colors.

Alright, whatever. All I know is that I like it!

It reminds me of a cozy night by a fire sipping hot chocolate whilst watching the snow fall outside. I mean, I don't exactly live in Colorado, but I think intarsia is a very chic winter and fall staple!

Cozy, huh?

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Andee Layne said...

i have been eyeing these since last year too!!! Good to know what they are actually called ;) Im in love with the second to last one!!! xo

TLF said...

Eww. Too grandma mixed with Indian Tribe for me. :)

EKM said...

i think this is also called "ski lodge" sweaters.

luxurygirl said...

You look great in that outfit! This bag will look great with it

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