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Tucker vs Tucker for Target

{Tucker by Gaby Basora has always been one of my favorite brands}

Last week Gilt Groupe (click link for invite) featured a sneak peek and a chance to order the highly anticipated Tucker for Target line on their website. Since I am a huge fan of Tucker by Gaby Basora, I was anxious about clearing out the Tucker for Targer pre-sale on Gilt Groupe.
{Tucker for Target preview above}

Yesterday, my three Tucker for Target items arrived and I couldn't be more pleased. They are exactly the same compared to my original Tucker pieces. So much so that it kind of upsets me that I paid nearly 200 dollars more for my original pieces that are exactly like the 39.99 Target ones.

Here is a comparison of my original Tucker dress compared to the Tucker for Target one:

{My original Tucker dress on the Left, Tucker for Target on the Right}

Tucker for Target hits Target stores on September 12th. I will definitely be purchasing other blouses and dresses that I wasn't able to get during the Gilt Groupe sale.

Did you all purchase any Tucker for Target items?

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Samma said...

I was at the salon and it wouldn't work on my phone (grrr). I will be at Target early September 12th that's for sure!

Angela Duke said...

Ugh I was driving to FL when this was on Gilt. I was SO mad. 2 more weeks of waiting!
That dress is so cute!

Jessie said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm a huge Tucker fan - but forgot all about the Gilt sale until it was too late (tragic, I know!). I'm in NYC, so it's a bit of a schlep to Target, but if you say it's worth it, I trust you... :)

Julie said...

It seriously looks SO similar. I'm also pissed off that I previously paid so much - ugh!

The Gilt sale was a giant fail for me, my Gilt app pooped out and I could only buy a few items, and not really anything I truly wanted, like the classic belted dress or tunic. So I will be stalking Target at 7 AM come September 12...

Lisa said...

Congrats on getting yours so soon! I love the pieces but too bad I didn't get a chance to get it while on Gilt. I'm going to hunt them down at my local Targets. Btw, could you plz share with us what you got, like modeling them? I think they would look super cute on you. Thanks :) btw, love ur blog!!

Fried Pink Tomato said...

Wow, they look great!! I am so surprised they did such a great job with the Target line. Excited though!! Thanks for sharing!

SanFranciscoCA said...

I'm pretty sure there are some subtle quality differences between the dresses that you can't notice right away but majority of high end items are mass produced in China nowadays anyway.

This is exactly why I prefer Goyard bags over Louis Vuitton. Goyard bags are still handmade, hand stitched and hand painted (unlike Louis Vuitton bags). My mind set is- I'll pay the price if I can get quality in return :)

Anonymous said...

luckily i got a piece of the tucker for target. a few of the pieces look almost the same, but the fabrics are different! great feeling polyester.

Royaltygirl said...

Yesterday I got a cream blouse with a tie at the front and orange polka dots!!!! It is so cute and I am wearing it to church tomorrow!

Once a Model, Now a Waddle said...

I bolted out of my office yesterday during my lunch break to hit up Target. I'm 5'9'' and a size 10/12:

Bought the orange floral short sleeve, scoop back dress.. it's short, but not obscene on me(maybe bc I wear a large in it, the large fits well throughout the body, but the sleeves seemed loose, but maybe that's just the look)

Bought the signature shirt dress in the darker plum color. Ran really big --- needed to size down to a medium. Love it! I wore it to work today with a brown theory belt and camel peep toes. I'll be hunting down the geometric print shirt dress at other target's tonight.

Orange/White polka dot blouse: Was very short on me... you could see a slice of stomach when I tried it on with jeans, armholes to wide .. not so flattering

Blue/Green snakeskin signature blouse: the large swallowed me, and the medium was too short... cute top though

This has been my favorite designer collaboration for Target so far. Wouldn't it be amazing if DVF (my favorite designer) did a collaboration??? I'd die.

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The story of me... the chronic yo-yo dieter who at her thinnest was a model signed to major agency... then life, depression, law school, and carbs cycled back into my life.... and poof... I went from a model, to a sad girl who gained 100lbs and becamed a self-proclaimed model. I've lost over 40 lbs...

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