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Garnier Blow Dry Perfector Review

Recently, my friend The Love List recommended the Garnier Blow Dry Perfector Kit to me. You all have probably seen the commercials for it on television. It advertises sleeker, smoother hair with a kit for just $11.99 that lasts up to 7 washes. Some have compared it to the popular "brazilian blowout" that people get to relax and smooth their naturally curly hair.

I have very stick straight hair. My hair is thick, but it doesn't look thick. I have naturally smooth hair to begin with, with absolutely no curl whatsoever. I really didn't need to do this treatment, but I was curious to try it anyways.

As you all know, I dyed my hair brown back in April and it's slowly faded and gotten to the color of my natural hair. I hope to never have to dye my hair again. The box of Garnier Blow Dry perfector cautions to not use on damaged hair from highlighting, coloring, or perming. It does, however, say that it's safe for color treated hair. I thought that was an interesting contradiction since most hair that is color treated is damaged somewhat, so that made me somewhat apprehensive.

The directions are a bit tricky since they want you to shampoo your hair, towel dry, put the first serum on, and then wait for 20 minutes to rinse it out. For me, I was planning to do this before my shower, so this process made it tricky. I decided to rinse my hair in the sink, shampoo in the sink, towel dry, then apply the first serum and wait 20 minutes to get in the shower. Once I was in the shower, I rinsed it out and took my shower, then got out and put on the leave in serum.

The first application smells so rank. It is reminiscent of old lady perm solution. It is also extremely toxic to your eyes, so you have to wear the included gloves whilst applying.

Here is my before picture:

And here is my after picture:

Honestly, I think my hair was softer before I used the kit than after. I don't know if you're supposed to have curly hair to see a difference or what, but I really didn't notice a difference at all. Yes, my hair might look straighter in the second pic, but that is just because the first pic was taken after using velcro rollers. Quite honestly, I feel like my hair was more damaged after the treatment than before. I also feel like it did something to my color, because my hair looks more red since doing the process yesterday and I am NOT a fan of red hair on me. Hopefully the jankiness will wash out in a couple of weeks.


- it was fun to try something new.

- the second serum makes your hair really easy to comb through.

- cheap


- complicated process

- stinks

- didn't notice a difference

- made my color funky

- hair feels more dry after

Take my review for what you will, and use your own judgment to decide whether or not you want to try it.

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Buckhead Belle said...

Thanks for the review! I had been curious to try this, but after reading your review, I will proceed with caution!

Ashley Turner said...

I have heard awful horror stories about the Brazillian blowouts!!! Peeps say their hair isn't the same after and one friend with curly hair never got her curls back after it wore off... just frizz now.

Best blowout ever for me is use B&B Tonic then Khiel's straightening balm and finish with Khiel's oil or a bit of B&B Brilliantine... works every time and then sleep with it on high loose pony tail and use Frederick Fekkai dry shampoo and it lasts 3 to 4 days without washing!!!

Unknown said...

Your hair definitely looks much healthier before. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I heard negative things about this product!! Mainly that it damages your hair. :-(

I hope yours goes back to normal soon. It looked so beautiful in the before shot!

Jaime said...

Thanks for the review. I am always skeptical about the new products.

Chloe said...

Good review, and...I want to steal your hair. *grabs*

Melissa said...

I tried this product, and my hair is wavy when not blow dried. I can never get my super straight without spending forever with the flat iron.

But with this product my hair was super straight, and I hardly had to put the flat iron through it. It only lasted about 6 washes, and is now going to back the way it was. But I really liked it, and my hair was softer.

Jill said...

LOVE the way your hair looks in the first picture. More volume and more shine. Not saying it looks bad after, but like you said the product is probably made for ladies with more curl or unruliness. I have a friend that gets the Brazillian blowout regularly...she loves it, but I've read some bad things that make me kinda nervous!

BAH said...

I used this last week and the box said it's best for wavy to curly hair, which is why it worked for me.

Miss A said...

Your hair looks so much better- I've been dying to read your review as someone who has naturally curly hair, I'm constantly straightening- I think will try Pink Julep's tips!

thelovelist said...

I suck! haha but the thing worked PERFECTLY for me!

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