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Jewels by Dunn

I have a fantastic find to share with you all! As you know from previous posts, I am really into stacking bracelets as of late. I was connected with Jewels by Dunn and before I knew it, I had a lovely set of stacking bracelets at my doorstep!

Aren't these pieces just amazing?

You can purchase this set here.

I am obsessed with all of Taryn's pieces and can't wait to add more to my stacking party!

The official Jewels By Dunn website will be up very soon!

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Marcia B. said...

Great post! I love jewels by dunn, can't wait to see her stuff at Miami Swim Week! Great blog, love the look of your blog! Now following!

Lamb said...

These are fab! I am obsessed. Love that you also adopt the 'arm party' look from Manrepeller. I am also a big fan :)

xoxo lamb loves

Ariane said...

Freaking beautiful!

Amanda said...

These are fabulous! Have you heard of Beads for Life? (http://www.beadforlife.org) The beads are made from recycled paper by women in Uganda. All the proceeds go to them. I love these. I use them for my arm party : )

The High Maintenance Bohemian said...

We love your blog so much!!~ <3 Melissa @ www.sadeesays.com

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