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Comfy Please

Last night while watching Rachel Zoe, I realized that I am just like her in that all that I want to wear are leggings and an oversized sweater.

She made me LOL when she said that she was set with her Stella McCartney blanket sweater. I couldn't agree more. Give me some leggings, booties and an oversized sweater and I am set.

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Dee Stephens said...

You gals are both super skinny so you can pull it off too!

Lynnette said...

That Alexander Wang bag is super cute! I want to get a YSL bag soon too.
I am also a fan of leggings and big sweaters, I'll wear that any day!


Day Old News said...

Agree. Comfy, warm, perfect.

Ashley Turner said...

I'm not far from the same! I'm also a big fan of tights with snuggly, comfy dresses... can never go wrong in a dress!

Amanda said...

I'm in love with Revenge too! And RZ's style, except her style is not my style....but I still love her style.

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