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Celebrity Stalking

Celebrities are so fascinating to me.  I am not one to freak out and start screaming around them, however, I enjoy watching them and observing how they behave in public.  

When I was in Los Angeles a few years ago, I saw Nicky, Paris, and Kathy Hilton and I could just tell that they were used to, and loved the spotlight.  Kathy was super talkative and I felt really comfortable asking to get a picture with her. 
When we were in Nashville this past weekend, we were standing in line at the famous Pancake Pantry.  There was a long line of about 10-15 people and we were towards the front.  All of the sudden, someone in our group said, "Wow, that looks like that girl from Gossip Girl ..."
We all turned around and noticed that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were about 3 people behind us in line. 
First observation: Blake has really long legs.  It was fairly cold and she was wearing shorts with bare legs and booties.  She was also wearing a bucket hat pulled down so far over her face and very unkempt, but pretty hair.  She had a lot of eye make-up on for it being morning time, but you could still tell she was really pretty.
Second Observation: Blake and Ryan were huddled together and turned towards each other the entire time they were in line.  When the line would move forward, she would keep her back turned towards him and walk backwards.  It was super bizarre and if anything, it drew even more attention to them.  

It didn't take long for the local Vanderbilt sorority tweens to recognize them and before we knew it, there was a herd of girls there waiting to get in to catch a glimpse.  

Ryan and Blake first sat down in the open seating, but soon requested a booth by the window to get more privacy.  

She ordered an omlette and toast with water and ate it all.  

While I had fun observing them, I definitely felt awful for them as a lot of the girls were going up to their table and trying to talk to them.  It was really awkward because you could tell they just wanted to be left alone.  

We did snap a secret pic of them while they were in line, but we did not take any pictures inside as we felt it was a little intrusive and you could definitely tell they just wanted to be left alone.  

It must be so hard being a celebrity.  Everywhere you go people recognize you and notice your every move.  It would get even more annoying having people constantly asking for your picture, but I guess that's what you sign up for, huh? 

Have any of you all ever seen any celebrities in person? Any fun stories?


Michelle said...

I actually read recently that they were in Nashville just the other day, so it was most likely them! Jealous!

byhillary said...

gwyneth paltrow was standing next to me in line at the airport in las vegas in december.

1.she is so tall!
2.she didn't have any makeup on and she was GORGEOUS.
3.Her hair looked a little over processed according to my husband.

(she actually was saying something about a malfunctioning blow dryer to the gate agent funnily enough)

I once walked by jon hamm and ben affleck and made a total fool of myself. they were filming a scene for the town and they let us walk right through it and I didn't realize they were standing right there until I heard bens voice and made a damn fool of myself smacking my husbands arm. He goes "yes I know KEEP WALKING!"

john travolta and joaquin were once at firehouse and I walked by and peaked but was too nervous to stop (it was a meet and greet)

The guy from quantum leap was at my old work one day. His daughter went to school there.

I've seen james taylor here in boston at whole foods years ago his brother taught at the same school.

and I've seen a couple movies being shot from a distance. Blake, leo, marky mark, ryan reynolds, dane cook, kate hudson... All really far away though.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I've seen a lot of celebrities living in Chicago and NYC. My favorite sighting was Julia Roberts while filming "My Best Friend's Wedding". She was practicing a scene outside a building downtown.

I saw David Duchovony and walked past him on the sidewalk.

Paul Rudd held a door open for me in NYC at a trendy hotel (can't remember name of it).

I partied with David Schwimmer. He's really nice.

Keri Russell was getting her hair done by the same hairdresser at a salon in Soho. She was really nice and we chatted for awhile.

There are more but I can't remember! I LOVE Blake Lively. That's juicy!

Sara said...

We met Greg Kinnear at a concert we were at in Vegas. And, we had better seats!

Loren said...

I loved this post! I love Blake...and its good to know she eats. :)

I took a picture with George W. Bush, does that count?? He was really fit, not an ounce of fat on him! (I put my arm around his waist) and was really nice when all I kept saying was OMG, OMG like an idiot.

Katy J said...

John Mellencamp's daughter Justice was my roommate at track camp one year at IU Bloomington. I got to meet him, his wife at the time and their two boys!

Kaite said...

I was on vacation in Nice the summer between my junior and senior years in high school. In a large shopping square, George Clooney was attracting some attention. He was going in and out of stores, almost as though having fun with the gawkers. He was with the blonde he used to date, Celine something... Very handsome man, large hands for his build.

Kaite said...

I was on vacation in Nice the summer between my junior and senior years in high school. In a large shopping square, George Clooney was attracting some attention. He was going in and out of stores, almost as though having fun with the gawkers. He was with the blonde he used to date, Celine something... Very handsome man, large hands for his build.

Allyson McGuire said...

I have never seen a celebrity...but I put it on my new 101 in 1001 list!


The Aly Way said...

I almost tripped over Paris Hilton and her bodyguards while shopping in Chicago once. We were in the Nordstroms on Michigan Avenue. On a different Chicago trip I saw Shia Labeouf and Jennifer Connely. By weird coincidence I got to high-five Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg when they were in St. Louis. Fun stuff!

I would have loved to seen Blake and Ryan in person!

Emily said...

I've seen a lot of celebrities and I have always just let them be because I can see all the people running up to them while doing things like getting meds at walkgreens, eating, etc and I can't even imagine how that would feel to be bombarded while doing mundane and everyday things! That is so cool that you were able to see them though- but I agree a little weird that she was walking backwards haha!

www.thewowie.com said...

I sat at the table with Jessica Chastain (Celia from The Help) for like a week during the filming of the Christmas benefit scene. She was absolutely gorgeous and very nice. By far my favorite of all The Help stars. She was also a raw vegan and that sort of food is quite hard to come by in the Delta. ;)

Fash Boulevard said...

OMG. I'm super jealous that you got to see them. Ya I feel bad for them that all of those people were going up to them while they were eating. But of course I love the picture you snapped. Wish I was there! :) I can't believe they waited in a long line. The food must be really good there. Always love reading your post! :)


Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

ooooh that's a great sighting!!! love them both!!! hoped you liked PP -- it's one of my faves ;) xo

Turner Aycock said...

My parents met Tom Cruise about 5 years in NYC. They were staying at a really nice hotel where it was common to see celebrities and not make a "big deal" about them. I guess my mom was getting on an elevator as it opened, she saw Tom who was getting off and said "Oh, it's you!" Said he was really nice and asked him if he'd come meet her husband (my dad)

So my dad was on his cell phone in the lobby doing business and my mom walked up with Tom and was like "hey, I want you to meet someone" I think my dad was in the middle of an important convo because he kind of acted annoyed at first and then about fell out of his chair when he saw it was Tom.

Main observations were- he's really short, got beautiful eyes and is nice and not as crazy as he seems.

Trish said...

1) Sat next to Denzel Washington on an airplane. He was soooo handsome and had on the nicest leather jacket.
2) Brandy (the singer) sat next to me in an airport boarding area (I didn't recognize her until about 1,000 people started crowding around us. I had to move. Then I had to ask someone what was going on.)
3) Shared an elevator w/ Barry Gibb in Miami
4) Stood next to Whoopi Goldberg waiting to cross a street in NYC. The people across the street were pointing in my/our direction and at first I thought they were pointing at me. Then my friend said, hey Whoopi is standing right next to you!

And this isn't really a celeb stalking, more like a six-degrees of separation thing, but my husband used to date Melissa McCarthy waaaaay before she was famous!

Pink and Fabulous said...

I saw on Perez they were in Nashville! I used to have crazy celeb sightings in LA and I miss it because they blend in so much more in NYC. It is like a little thrill to see them IRL!

Series of Unseriousness said...

One day I ran into Dolly Parton on the beach... in her natural hair or at least another wig!! My grandmother lives down the street from her beach house in South Florida. My sister and I were walking down the secluded beach one day and saw a tiny little woman with these large boobs walking our way. I remembered that she lived there and uttered, "Could it be..." to my sister as we got closer we said hello and she spoke back to us. I knew instantly by that soothing voice that it was hers. My sister had no clue. We chatted with her about the beach and weather and walked on. She was simply delightful and absolutely beautiful. Her hair was brown and I'm not sure if it was another wig or if we saw her real hair.

Series of Unseriousness said...

Oh and I also brushed shoulders when I lived in NYC with Selma Hayek. She was yacking on her phone in Spanish and we were walking down the sidewalk. My boyfriend asked me, "Did you grab her boobs!?"

Pamela said...

that is a cool sighting! I love Blake I think she is so pretty! I have a few good ones

1)Karl Lagerfeld - I was visiting my friend in NYC during my senior year of college (09) and we were having drinks in the lobby of the Mercer Hotel in Soho and it was on a random night like a Wednesday and he walked into the lobby with like 3 tall model boys behind him carrying some of his luggage and he looked just like he does in pictures his hair was WHITE and he had white gloves on - my friend and I and 2 other couples all just like starred at him and he just waved to us and went up the elevator. I like couldnt breathe it was a great sighting! haha!

2) Saw Drake before he was famous walking on the streets of Soho back when I knew him as Jimmy from Degrrassi and my friend and I were like aww thats jimmy from degrassi! Now I would die if I saw him!

3) In high school in Atlanta, my friend and I went shopping and saw Hilary Duff walking around with a huge bodyguard shopping (2005) she seemed stuck up and bratty

4) IDK if they are considered famous but I have seen a lot of the RHOA cast - Kim probably 3 or 4 times, Nene, and Sheree too. My dad has restaurants in atlanta and Nene goes to our Italian one once a week and Kim and her family go to our mexican ones and our steakhouse too. Kim likes to keep a low profile but Nene always requests to sit in a visible table and rarely says yes to pictures

5)I partied with Brody Jenner about three years ago - we ended up at the after party he was at, he was drinking a lot but did not hook up with anyone since he was dating that playboy model at the time and he was also smoking weed. He was really cute in person

6)Lil Bow Wow lives in (or lived in I think he went bankrupt) my neighborhood in GA

I think that is it? happy friday!!!

A Southern Belle Named Elle said...

I was an extra in The Change Up right before the fountain scene where Ryan and Jason switch places! Ryan was super sweet and posed for pictures with us but I thought he was a tad skinny in real life.

Kalimarie said...

I saw a lot of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green for several days. They were maaried and on their honeymoon at the hotel I was staying at.

My husband and I were at The Big Pink (SoBeach) and Lebron James was having breakfast at the table next to us. He had just signed with the Miami Heat.

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