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New Favorites

1. Terax Crema Conditioner- I have been experiencing a lot of tangles and dry ends lately with my hair.  I asked for recommendations for a conditioner that detangled, but also left your hair feeling light and not weighed down.  I was told by a couple of people to try the Terax Crema and I absolutely love it!
2. Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream- I saw this first in a Daily Mail article about Jennifer Aniston's skin care routine.  This is an all-natural skin care line that is sold at Whole Foods.  I was excited to try this particular moisturizer and it did not disappoint.  It smells so great and makes my skin feel really soft.
3. MAC Creme D'Nude- I was hesitant to try such a nude color with my already pale skin, but this color surprisingly looks really good!
4. Chantecaille Petales- I was talking with one of the fragrance sales associates in Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago and she recommended this fragrance for me.  It couldn't be more perfect for spring.


Pink and Fabulous said...

I am obsessed with the Mac lipstick. I hunted down the perfect nude for so long and that one looks good on everyone!

Unknown said...

Terax is my #1 favorite conditioner! Once Lent is over and I can buy beauty products again (sign of an addict I know) this is the first thing I'm purchasing! Also doesn't hurt that our favorite SVU gal uses the same stuff (once again another obsession haha)

PS if you look on amazon they usually have it for cheaper than Ulta!

Kaley said...

Love Terax Crema! I use the Terax Bosco Shampoo with it and they are hands down my favorite combination.

Allyson McGuire said...

I love that lipstick color - it's so classy!


erica said...

I think I am going to need to get that lip color...gorgeous! xo

Lauren Grace said...

I LOVE your favs, always great pics that do wonders for my skin! Thanks for sharing!


Netty said...

I used Terax for a LONG time - I remember it working great but I hated the way it smelled. Does it still smell strong/bad?

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