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Random Post

Who else is excited for fall? I know that's so cliche, but it is my favorite time of the year and the clothes can't be beat! 

I am already dreaming about booties ... I definitely already have my eye on these:

I also want to find a fringe leather jacket like the one below (so Can't Buy me Love) that I tried on in Dallas.  I cannot, for the life of me, remember the brand of this jacket so if you think it looks familiar let me know!  

Next comes the outfit picture dump that I've been meaning to post for weeks.  

I recently got a lot of easy summer dresses at Madewell and I love how soft, light, and airy they are for the hot summer months. 

I also have found a lot of fun floral print pieces on sale lately.  

I wore the below dress to a baby shower last month ... I'd never heard of the brand, Black Halo, but it fit so well and I ordered a couple of other dresses by them and was very surprised with the quality and fit.  

I also got this Shoshanna matching set but decided to wear them separately ... 

J.Crew did it right with this geo brushstroke print ... this top is currently on sale with an extra 40% off. 

I did a little home makeover with some new rugs and re arranging a few paintings.  I am SO CHEAP when it comes to home stuff, so I found the dining room rug from a friend who was selling it on her Facebook page.  Max approves ... 

I got a new living room rug at Target - it's Nate Berkus and so far so good! I can't find the exact one online but they are currently at the end of the rug aisles in cream and blue color options.

And I took some paintings I had in the hallway and put them in the living room for the time being.  I am still on the hunt for a huge painting to hang here but I think these work for now.  Hi Mom and Rob!

In honor of #TBT I thought it would be funny to show you all how obsessed with WWF wrestling I was when I was younger ... yes that is a teddy bear, pom pom, and an autographed Bret the Hitman Hart plaque!

And finally, I did a little mini Sephora haul video to show you all some new things that I got yesterday.  I am excited to try them all - have you all used any?


Ann said...

Given your penchant for design, I'm so surprised your house isn't more your thang. Go for it girl, your house deserves some TLC too. Loving the rugs. I do like the paintings there, but they'd look even better if they were perhaps both a bit larger. I'm a painter/artist...and the largest I generally do is 30x30 or 24x36...both nice sizes you may want to look for.


RWH said...

I love the Shoshana skirt-- the print and the length! And your throwback picture is awesome. 💪😂

Unknown said...

Love the second rug in your living room! I have the exact same one (at least the print) but I bought mine at Overstock. Looks so so good!

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