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Sephora VIB Beauty Picks

Tomorrow, November 13th, starts the big Sephora VIB sale where you can get 20% off of your total purchase amount (the code is usually VIB20) from Sephora.  I am a pretty big Sephora shopper, so I tend to wait until this sale every year to stock up on things that i need.  There are a few new things that I've tried recently that I am going to tell you all about, as well as some things that are in my Sephora shopping cart.  

Things I've Tried: 
1) Eve Lom Rescue Mask- I hadn't even heard of Eve Lom until a few months ago when the brand started to pop up on some beauty blogs that I follow.  I got a sample of this mask a couple of weeks ago and I love it.  It smells like Vick's Vapor Rub, so if that smell ain't your thang then you will definitely want to pass on this mask.  However, if you love the smell like me, this is your holy grail mask!  The mask not only helps clear out clogged pores but it leaves my skintone looking really even. 

2) Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Cleanser- I got this a few weeks ago and it is a great cleaner with 3% glycolic acid to help exfoliate your skin.  It smells super clean and it is not harsh at all, yet still gets the job done.  
3) Drybar Triple Sec- I first had this used on my hair during a Drybar visit in NYC and I thought that I hated it because my hair felt really sticky all day, but after I learned how to use it myself it has grown to be one of my favorite hair products.  I will use this after I style my hair like a dry shampoo almost, applying it to the roots and the body of my hair.  The key is that you have to hold it very far from your head so you aren't saturating your hair, rather giving it a light mist.  

4) Hourglass Lipstick in Grace- this is by far the BEST neutral lipstick out there! Plus the lipsticks are packed with nutrients that make your lips feel so soft.  

5) Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill- I know everyone and their Mom has this cult favorite already, but if you are one of the few that don't- ADD THIS to your cart! It gives the perfect glow to your cheeks that makes you look youthful and dewy in photos.  

What's In My Cart: 
1)  Sephora Favorites Skin- for 68 dollars you get to try all of these different skincare products in this assortment put together by Sephora.  There are definitely some good brands in this lot and I love trying new products, so I figured I can't go wrong here.  
2) Sunday Riley Luna Oil- I have wanted to try the Sunday Riley oils for a while now and figured I could try this one first.  It is supposed to be an oil that you wear while sleeping that regenerates your skin and shrinks your pores.  We shall see! 
3) Two Faced Le Grand Chateau- this trio of eyeshadows and blushes is a steal at only 49 dollars, especially since I haven't bought any new eye shadows in about 3 years.  
4) Hum Flawless + Fearless Supplements- I bought this trial pack at Sephora this past weekend and I am going to get another one during the VIB sale.  These vitamins tout detox, cleanse, and getting rid of toxins that cause breakouts.  
5) Nest Birchwood Candle- this Holiday candle has great reviews and I can't resist a good candle.  

Are you all getting anything from the sale? 


Lili said...

i am happy to see that Burberry is now in Spehora online - i picked up the velvet lipstick in Rosewood!

Unknown said...

Those Too Faced kits are getting the greatest reviews. I got a deluxe sample of the Luna Oil from Sephora and I like it, but it smells AWFUL. Definitely test it out in store if possible! Sephora has a sleep/night treatment favorites set of 4 products, including that one and a great Origins moisturizer. May be worth checking out to get a good value!

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