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Thankful Trinkets Earrings

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you'll know that I love Rebecca De Ravanel's Les Bon Bon earrings.  I actually got the turquoise pair but soon realized the addiction was short-lived due to their expensive price tag at 275 dollars a pop (I think the prices have even gone up since I bought them a couple of months ago).  I set out on an online-stalking mission to find a similar pair for a cheaper price because honestly, they are just some balls strung together, right?  I found one instagram jewelry maker that made a similar pair for 50 dollars, but they weren't quite the same and they seemed a lot smaller than the RDR ones.  My internet friend and fellow Les Bon Bon lover, Becky Wells Tomlin, sent me a snapchat pic of a nearly identical pair from an Etsy Shop called Thankful Trinkets and I immediately ordered two pair!  They are still a little pricey at $95 dollars, but the best part is that 100% of the proceeds are donated to Chicago Children's Hospital which is pretty remarkable!  I contacted the Thankful Trinkets team (because I have a problem and want to order more) and she said that while the earrings aren't listed on her shop currently, they will be listed in a few days, so keep checking back or message her for color options and to go ahead and get your order in! You can also custom order a color combination of your choice as seen by some of the private listings she has up on her Etsy shop.  I was floored at the quality and the fact that they are literally just like the pricier RDR pair.  And kudos to this awesome mother-daughter duo who is donating all of the proceeds to help children.  


Robyn Proctor said...

Aww what a special cause, they're cute earrings too!

Pretty in Pink said...

@Robyn Proctor I know I love being involved with this!

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