PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Ombre Brown Hair with Marcie Seccombe of Salon 387

Ombre Brown Hair with Marcie Seccombe of Salon 387

PIPM + Salon 387 Ombre Brown Hair Styling with Marcie Seccombe

I've been going to Marcie Seccombe of Salon 387 for a while now and I wanted to showcase her amazing work as a hairstylist.  Marcie is highly regarded in the Memphis community and wins "best hairstylist" year after year.  Allow me to brag on Marcie for a minute- she is constantly learning and training herself even more by attending workshops and events held by some of the nation's hottest salons.  She is always going to LA or NYC to learn the latest and greatest ombre techniques and bayalage, her specialty and what she has come to be known for.  

I hadn't done anything to my hair since my last visit with Marcie in November of last year.  My natural color is pretty light with some natural highlights here and there, and it was making my ombre a little harder to differentiate.  I also desperately needed a trim.  I told Marcie I wanted more of a color melt look with my ombre and that I wanted more of a contrast between the light and the dark.  She painted the ends of my hair that weren't all blonde and did some freestyle painting here and there.  She also used a toner on my ends and painted my roots with a clear gloss semi-permanent hair color that was just a shade darker than my natural color to give the ombre more of a contrast.  

This was my before picture- notice that the natural color is pretty light and you can barely tell I have ombre anymore.  Also, my ends had turned a little yellow.  

While I was processing I decided to pick Marcie's brain about some of the questions that I had about hair and that I'm sure you all would have as well.  

We talked a long time about if ombre and bayalage were here to stay and we both agreed that yes, it is.  The thing about ombre and bayalage color is that it's SO easy and low-maintenance.  You can go longer without having to have a "touch up" and your hair looks awesome when it starts to grow out.  We both agreed that it's worth it to pay a little more for someone who truly knows what they're doing so that you don't have to go as often.  Also, if you think back to what a little girl's hair looks like, it gets lighter in the summer and then grows out and the roots are darker.  This look is natural and I think that's why so many people love it so much.  

One thing Marcie did mention that I thought was interesting is that while ombre is a lot easier and low-maintenance, you still have to keep up with it by using purple shampoos and clarifying so that the ends continue to blend nicely together.  You don't want your ends to turn brassy or yellow, so it's important to use ALL of the purple shampoos and keep the buildup to a minimum.  Also for all blondes it's important to clarify because build-up can make blonde color look dingy.  

Here are some questions about products that I asked Marcie: 

Favorite Heat Protectant: Seven Seconds by Unite or Balm D'Or by Oribe
Best Mask: Olaplex No 3 (one of my favorites as well) 
Favorite Hairspray: She uses Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray in place of hairspray 
Favorite Dry Shampoo: Oribe Dry Shampoo
Favorite Purple Shampoo: Keune Silver Reflex 
Favorite Clarifying Shampoo: Once a week use Unite The Weekender

And here is the beautiful end result created by Marcie: 

Thanks Marcie for letting me shine the spotlight on you and you can book an appointment with Marcie by TEXTING (which is the most amazing thing ever) Salon 387 at 901-288-6208.

Also, go follow Marcie on Instagram here

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