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Non-Eventful News

Some non-eventful news today:

- I got Essie's Tart Deco on my nails yesterday. I love it- it's a sherbet orange color ... perfect for summer! I have gel overlays and I get them filled every 2 weeks.

- I pre-ordered my fall handbag and it's plum purple patent leather (in case you have been wondering why I was selling like crazy lately- saving up for the fall bag!)! I am trying to get out of my comfort zone by purchasing bags that aren't black and beige.

- I am selling this bag on the Yard Sale Blog ... check it out if you are in the market for a black bag.

- I am going to a work conference in Tampa, Florida in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you have any eating/shopping/sightseeing suggestions.

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molldoll said...

Tampa itself is nice- but if you get a chance to go across the bridge to either Clearwater or St Pete- that's where the beautiful beaches are :)

Ybor City in Tampa is where all the bars/cuban restaurants are but that area can be a little sketch. We went an old schoool Cuban place there that was nice, but the bars were a bit scary (at least when I was there).

Laura said...

You must go to Berns Steakhouse. Make sure to go on the kitchen and wine cellar tour and make a reservation for the dessert room. I had the most incredible meal of my life at this place.

Erin said...

Tart Deco has been my go-to summer polish this year. It's so cheerful!

Jo said...

yay I live in Tampa!!
Do not go to YBOR after dark def sketchy, but in the day they have some cute places the Columbia has amazing food (spanish)

If your in Tampa the best restaurants (IMO) are in South Tampa Bellas (italian, also where I met my hubs) Berns (steak), Ceviche (tapas, spain, best sangria)
All of these are on the road(howard) it's a really cute young part of town there are bars, shops and restaurants.
Shopping -International Mall(also in south tampa area)is amazing! they have everything from Zara to burberry.

There are beaches ofcours ein St.pete and Clearwater about a 30-45 min drive from Tampa depending on where you are.
You can email me if you any more questions:high_heeledwife@yahoo.com

Sara said...

I love your blog and that bag!


Becoming Unfashionable said...

I love the nail color - I may have to order it the next time I place an Essie order! Did you end up ordering the Mink Muffs? I really love the color - so great for fall and winter! Also, can't wait to see your new bag!

Kate said...

I go to Law School in St Pete and we have some gorgeous beaches and fun little beach bars, Tampa is a blast too!

Ceviche is so good, its Tapas with great martinis and, sangria, there is one in Tampa and St Pete, Berns Steakhouse is also great too. There is also no shortage of Chik Fil As ;)

GREAT Shopping at International Mall and WestShore Mall! International has a Neimans and West Shore has a Saks, the good news is they are about a mile away from each other. Have fun!

Unknown said...

I feel like going to Tampa is pretty eventful news. Maybe that's just because I am from there, and miss it and my friends.

Here are some of my fav places:

First and formost if you are there on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night go to Bailey's it's southern food at it's best and it's byob, so pick up your favorite bottle of wine on the way over and enjoy under southern oaks and misting fans. It's in Hyde Park Village, which also has some shops you may enjoy.

Thai Island and Estellas in "downtown" on Davis Islands.

Downtown Tampa
Fly -tapas and good night scene as well as Taps-lots of beer and wine for a casual night out.

On S McDill Ave
Datz or Panea Rustica-cupcakes & chicken salad in a squash bowl-amazing-the Write Stuff gift shop next door has lots of cute things.

South Armenia
Pepo's for great Cubans

South Dale Marby has some botiques Kate McKenzie was a fav and in the same plaza as Delites (low cal no fat amazing ice cream).

Hope you have fun!

P*P*P said...

Love that nail color! So summery! :)

Duke said...

For dining:

Bern's (South Tampa) is a must! To save a little money, I recommend ordering the steak sandwich in the bar/lounge area (you can't get it in the normal part of the restaurant). The steak sandwich isn't on the menu, so you just have to ask for it. At the beginning of your dinner, make a reservation for the desert room and the tour later that night.

Other good places to eat in South Tampa:
SOHO sushi
Datz (amazing for brunch or huge lunches)
Smoke (BBQ)

Island Way Grill (in Clearwater)

Kate Mckenize and The Palm (both on Dale Mabry st and are a couple doors down from each other)

Macdintons is the main bar in South Tampa; most nights end up with a stop there

Carly A. Heitlinger said...

I'm from South Tampa! You have to go to Kate McKenzie!!! Pane Rustica (3225 South MacDill Avenue) is to DIE for... lunch OR dinner! YUM... Maybe I'll run into you there, my mom and I go nearly every week!

Ashley Turner said...

Plum is perfect for fall! I kind of use plum as a neutral sometimes! Loves it! You'll be so happy with that bag, I'm sure!

Royar said...

I love your nail color - that is so pretty! I tagged you in an award on my blog!


{The Young Southern Prep}

Michelle said...

Sadly I have no idea on Tampa recs but it looks like the other ladies have you covered. I do, however, need that polish in my life. Soooo perfect for summer!

Catrina said...

I hope you have a great time in Tampa! I grew up in St. Petersburg and then lived in Tampa for a few years, and miss both of them now that I'm gone.

I want to echo the others re: Ceviche and MacDintons, as well as the beaches in St. Pete/Clearwater.

If you're a Dali fan, you must go to the Dali museum in St. Pete. It's the largest collection of his work in the U.S. Also, a new gallery of Chihuly's work just opened in downtown St. Pete (like opened last weekend, so it's brand new). If you do make it over to St. Pete, I recommend 400 Beach and Moon Under Water (both restaurants) on Beach Drive, followed by a cupcake at The Cupcake Spot (nearby on Central Ave.)

Have a great trip!

Don't Act Like You Don't Know said...

Acropolis, a greek restaurant in Ybor City, is awesome. Best enjoyed in the early evening (patio), and then get the hell away from there. The beaches at St Pete are fabulous. If you have a day free, buy a pass at Don Cesar and enjoy their beach and pool area. Worth it.

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