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Outfit Help

One of my friends recently asked me to help her pick out shoes and accessories to match a Theory dress that she had already purchased. I was happy to help and had a lot of fun helping her pick out some things.

Here are two options I put together for her to give the dress a more dressy vibe and a more casual feel. She is going to a class reunion and didn't want to seem too dressy or like she was trying too hard, so I told her wedges were probably the best bet to give it a summer casual look without being too dressy.

The Dressy Look:

The More Casual Look:

Did anyone watch Watch What Happens Live last night after RHONJ? How much did you LOVE Bethenny Frankel's outfit on WWHL? For those of you who missed it, she wore a hot pink Kara Janx ruffle one-shoulder dress with huge turquoise chandelier earrings.

I have always loved the hot pink/turquoise combination. Cameron Diaz wore it well a few years ago, and ever since people have been combining the two popular colors.

I was able to find similar items to what Bethenny wore last night with a quick internet search.

{Dress by ASOS found here}

{Earrings by an unknown designer. Found via google image search}

You all should try the hot pink/turquoise combo sometime- it's one of my favorites!

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Unknown said...

Love love!

Colby said...

Hi Megan!
Love love love your blog- I hate to admit that I am a bit fashion challenged so I love when you put looks together... can I ask who makes those wedges in the second picture? Love the neutral look of them!

Ashley Turner said...

I pretty much like to wear turquoise with almost any color... to me it's the ultimate neutral pop! It really goes with almost anything!

Pretty in Pink said...

hi colby- the shoes are found here:


Unknown said...

I agree. Both pink and turquoise are neutrals in my book!

capperson said...

Love the outfits and definately love the pink/torquoise combo :)

Brittany said...

Looks great! I'm so MAD at myself for missing WWHL with Bethenny. I think she has really stepped up her game in terms of dressing lately! I loved her reunion outfit! :)

Mojito Maven said...

Preface: I am a fashion idiot.

Is it bad that both of these looks seem "fancy" to me and seem too similar for one to be "fancy" and one to be "casual"? I would wear either look for a night on the town with Mr. M! I guess I always equate flats and oversized handbags with "casual" and clutches and heels (albeit espadrille wedges) with "fancy".

Day Old News said...

Gold is such a great match for that dress. Loves it.

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