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Manic Monday

- This is what my week is looking like here in the South. Is it just me, or is it hotter this year? I remember this time last year there was at least a slight chill in the air. We walked our dogs last night in 95 degree weather. Not fun.

- I remember when I studied abroad in Paris, France, it was surprisingly chilly there in the summer months. I wore scarves and sweaters in July! I would love some temperatures like this:

- I did a little more fall decorating this weekend. What can I say, I love Halloween decor.

- My hair is getting much better. I bought the Joico K-Pak Reconstructing line at Ulta. I came home and read a lot of reviews online that say you're only supposed to use the K-pak system once a week since too much protein can have adverse effects on your hair. I ordered the Joico Moisture Recovery line as well to use the others days of the week.

- I got a cheap Pantene mask at Target and really like it! It made my hair super silky and soft.

- This was my OOTD from Friday. I was driving somewhere for work when the local radio station was talking about forcing fall fashions and they asked for people to call in with their input. Ironically, I was wearing boots for the first time this season, so I called in and they actually played my input! I basically explained that as long as you don't wear tights when it's 99 degrees outside, you can still wear boots with bare legs or sweater vests.

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The Uppity Puppy said...

Hi cute girl... what are those boots? I'm diggin' em!

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

The weather here in SC is very hot too, unfortunately ...& very humid, which makes it even worse! It's supposed to be 95 degrees here today. But hey- the first day of Fall is Wednesday!

Glad the Joico helped your hair. I do hope you were able to get some type of refund from Garnier!

Caroline said...

It is so hot, but I'd rather be hot than freezing in January. You look cute with your boots!

Ashley Turner said...

Did you put that London forecast up to remind me how cold I'm gonna be next week?

Congrats on your radio fabulousness!!! And also, I love Halloween too and looking forward to decorating in a few weeks! We made an awesome pumpkin last year and it rotted in 3 days from the heat, even though we air conditioned it during the day... that's how hot it is here!

Stephanie said...

Love your outfit!

TLF said...

I actually broke out the boots w/ bare legs last Thursday. I got so many compliments but I will say that my legs were sweaty all day. With Memphis still being so hot, I think I'm going to keep them put away for a few more weeks.

Liz said...

hot weather=disgusting. I swear by the moisture recovery line! I use it every day, summer through winter! I think you will be pleased!

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