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Scent Stories

I love a good perfume. It's funny because certain scents remind me of certain periods of time in the past.

This is my current scent selection:

From L-R: Fragonard Eiffel, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Versace Bright Crystal, Trish McEvoy "Trish", Chloe, Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb, Thymes Kimono Rose.

They all remind me of different times. For instance, Viktor & Rolf FlowerBomb reminds me of studying for the LSAT. Versace Bright Crystal reminds me of living in Florida. Trish McEvoy "Trish" reminds me of fall. Coco Mademoiselle reminds me of winter. The Eiffel Tower perfume is from Fragonard in Paris and I purchased it when I studied abroad- I will never throw it away!

Recently, I came across a sample in a magazine of a scent that I just HAD to have. I instantly got my laptop and ordered it online. It is the perfect scent for fall- Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia. The description online says the following:

The World of Jo Malone introduces English Pear & Freesia, a fragrance that captures the luscious scent of just-ripe pears, cooled by the autumn air and ready to twist free from the tree.

Inspired by a walk in an orchard, secluded within a walled garden, discover an evocative fragrance of delicate contrasts—the crisp skin of the pear against the succulent juiciness beneath, the clarity of the season's first mists, meeting and melding with the warmth of golden dappled sunshine.
If that description doesn't make you want to run out and buy it, I don't know what will!

What are some of your favorite scents? Do your fragrances remind you of times in your life?

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M said...


The old, yellow-and-white striped-box Giorgio is high school for me. It always reminds me of my first trip to NYC. I love stumbling upon it in a department store for just that reason!

Calvin Klein's Eternity is college; my roommate and I both wore it.

Burberry Brit will always be Las Vegas for me. A couple of us wore it when we took a girls' trip to Vegas several years ago.

Ralph Lauren Romance has been my mom's scent for years now. It's so perfect for her, as it is a really undiluted rose scent, and she grows an amazing rose garden.

No matter how often I stray, I always come back to Chanel fragrances: Allure in the fall/winter and Chance in the summer. I guess they'll always be my signatures.

Unknown said...

My current scent is Bright Crystal by Versache and it really smells good! Whenever I smell Estee Lauder Pleasures or Polo Sport White, i remember High School all over again.

SLynnRo said...

I wrote a post like this a while ago- scent is such a huge memory thing for me. And we have very similar tastes. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist- high school. Burberry- college. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue- law school. I love perfume.

Happiness Is... said...

I love Flower Bomb, too - the husband picked it out for me, which makes it even better! I also love Issey Miyake. Banana Republic actually makes a scent I like, too. Oh, and Dolce & Gabana Blue is so fresh - perfect for summer and spring.

Unknown said...

I love Flowerbomb too! And of course, can't forget the classic Chanel No. 5! I flip back and forth wearing those two, and just ran out of my other fave - Miss Dior!

Courtney Crocker said...

Totally! Love it!

High School- Clinique's Happy

College- Aquolina's Pink Sugar

Post College- Thierry Mugler's Angel

Ashley Turner said...

I haven't had a Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer scent in ages because it's eternally summer here! But some of my faves are Ferragamo Encanto Heaven, Burberry Brit and Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea reminds me of college so I break it out every now and then. I should really consider investing in some Grown-up Scents while I still have duty free shops!

Dishy Decorator said...

I'm the same way about scents AND songs. Certain songs remind me of times in my life.

Right now, I wear L de Lolita Lempicka. The bottle is gorgeous too. The girls bought me Aquolina Pink Sugar. It's really sweet smelling, but that's the smell they love and associate with me.

Light Blue reminds me of when we lived in Mississippi, and Clinique Happy reminds me of when we lived in Memphis.

I probably have memory of men's cologne more women's. When I smell certain colognes, it reminds me of the ex-boyfriend that wore it. Strange, huh? I wouldn't want my husband to wear something that an old boyfriend wore. That's how strongly I associate smells with periods in my life.

Love the Eiffel Tower bottle!

heids said...

I love all the jo malone scents

Queen B. said...

My summer favorite is BEACH by Bobbi Brown.
It reminds me of living in sunny southern California when I was a kid.
I . LOVE. IT. !!

Anonymous said...

Calvin Klein Obsession reminds me of my senior year of high school and the first time I met my husband!

Angel is my signature scent, along with Burberry for Women.

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