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Mellow Yellow

I am having a serious yellow moment right now. I want a mustard yellow sweater dress, a yellow coat, yellow poncho ... the list goes on and on! I think yellow is a great color on people with darker hair.

But do you know what's funny? Yellow is hard to find! I have been searching high and low for a yellow sweater or sweater dress of some kind and haven't had much luck! It's always hard to find bright pieces in the fall/winter time since grays and blacks are so popular this time of year.

I am obsessed with this poncho, but it's uhhhhh super expensive.

Someone find me a yellow poncho or sweater, please!

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DaniMarie said...

I'm not much of a bright yellow gal, but I do love mustard yellow. That being said, what about the Alexander Wang boatneck sweater in mustard at Saks? (Too bad F&F just ended).

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Take a look at my latest post about a mustard yellow coat I just purchased! I think it's to die for!


e. said...

cashmere cardigan: http://www.garnethill.com/classic-cashmere-cardigan/womens-fashion/sweater-collection/cashmere-sweaters/16422

ruffled cashmere cardigan:

not bright yellow but cute! coat!

another cute coat:

Unknown said...

old navy has this one 50% off from 10/26-28 with the code: outer50

Curt and Moe said...

A few years back they had suede mustard yellow Revas and I'm so mad I didn't buy them! Every fall I wait for the new colors to come out and I don't see them... Completely agree with your brunettes and yellow color combo, looks gorgeous together!

Samma said...

I bought the cutest gold peacoat form Talbots last year (so random). I get tons of compliemnts- they might have them again this year.

Kristen said...

Last year, one of my favorite outfits combined bright yellow and dove gray. It was my favorite color combination of the season!

Sabah said...


This is super cute in yellow and not too expensive either!I kind of like it in the weird plaid patterns too!

Sabah said...

Oh! and modcloth.com has a really pretty yellow coat and it has really unique buttons on it and only 65 dollars!!


TLF said...

Love the coats but that poncho is UGLY! Save your money girl! ;)

Love said...

I love yellow, but my skin is too fair to pull it off unless I'm super spray tanned. I feel like I've seen some yellow on Lands End Canvas (don't quote me on that though)

Unknown said...


Old Navy has a really cute one!!!!

Ashley Marie said...

I never comment, but I have been obsessed with yellow as well! Here are a few things I had to share!

Madewell Sweaterdress

Kate Spade Raincoat

Moschino Sweater

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