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My Version of Ombre Hair

Back in April, I told you all about an emerging hair trend called "ombre" hair. Ombre hair is the intentional trend of having the appearance of darker roots and lighter ends on your hair. Seems silly right? That people would actually pay money to make their hair look like it's been months since a root touch-up. Well this "silly" trend is still all the rage.

It's funny because since I have been driving a lot for work, my hair is exposed to direct sunlight for so many hours a day that it has started to majorly fade. My roots are now darker and my ends (which were previously high-lighted, then dyed over) are fading. Therefore, I have unintentional ombre hair ... oh so stylish! I probably need to go in to get a toner, but I just haven't had the time.

I kind of like it? Is that bad? I'm sure this hair trend will fade away (no pun intended) soon enough, but I take sick joy out of thinking that I am being trendy and lazy all at the same time!

Ultimately, I would love my hair to look like this:

Please and thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Your embracing of the ombre look reminds me of how I embraced the gigantic "bug" sunglasses look. I couldn't wear sunglasses for the longest time because I look like an insect in any pair. Suddenly, that's the cool thing to look like! So I was in fashion without even trying :)

Ashley Turner said...

Carrie Bradshaw has been rockin Ombre hair since early seasons of SATC... it's always been my excuse to wait a while before coloring... that way it's cheaper, easier and not as damaging to my hair!

Your hair looks fab doll as always!

Samma said...

I think your hair looks great! I like some ombre hair when it's more variegated looking- not as intentional.

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Hmm... maybe I won't get my hair done yet... since I have a natural ombre lookin thing going right now.

Andee Layne said...

love this hair trend!

Day Old News said...

I'm finally done with ombre, but missing the affordability and ease of it.

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