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Time Flies

-Well Well Well, it's November. Seriously, how is it already November? This year has absolutely flown by- does anyone else feel like this? I can't believe it's already time for Christmas decorations and Holiday music. It's also almost my Birthday -- as the Birthdays go up, they just aren't as fun!

-This past weekend I worked the annual Junior League Merry Marketplace. I got sucked into buying some fancy jewelry cleaner, candied pecans, and a new pair of UGG boots. While I was there, I saw these awesome mesh wreaths. They were pretty pricey, so I figured I could try to make one myself. Note: this is not a wreath that I made, this is simply a google image result for "mesh wreath". I am going to try to make one this weekend.

-Last week I got some antibiotics for my sinus infection and honestly, the antibiotics made me feel worse and quite frankly, they made me feel crazy. I was anxious all week and just did not feel good, so I stopped taking them. I'd rather deal with sinus issues than feel like a mental institution patient.

-I was "The Devil Wears Burberry" for Halloween. Creative, huh? Yeah right!

-Did you all vote today? I have been rather apathetic about this election, which is surprising since I was a Political Science major and used to live for this kind of stuff. I sucked it up and braved the cold rain to vote.

- So excited that Starbucks Red Holiday cups are out:

That's all I've got today.

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~M~ said...

I cannot believe 2010 is almost over!

Amanda said...

October absolutely flew by! I voted already today too!

Anonymous said...

Omgosh, I love the mesh wreath! Did you do that one?? If so, can we have a tutorial please!

DaniMarie said...

Are you boots suede? I have been on the hunt for a pair of black suede boots, but can't find any that I like (crazy, I know, but I'm picky).

Taren said...

I love your blog! I wrote about Starbucks cups today too!

Curt and Moe said...

LOVE the mesh wreath! A good friend of mine sells them on her esty shop... (But I hear ya on the pricey part...) http://www.etsy.com/shop/jamiejokhydesigns

bunny said...

I went to starbucks today too after i voted and was so excited about the red cups and eggnog latte!

Brittany at Torts and a Tiara said...

Love your Halloween costume!!! :) Too cute!!

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