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Friday Mixed Bag

- I went to my local J.Crew the other night and wasn't too impressed with the new stuff. Our store didn't get much of it, but I did walk away with the red minnies.
- I got a bright neon color at my shellac appointment this week. This picture doesn't even do it justice, it's blinding. The color is Tiki Tiki Laranga by Harmony Gelish.
- Have I ever told you all of me irrational fear of elevators? I get really anxious in small spaces and can't stand elevators. I will normally take stairs over an elevator if I can find them.
- I am becoming obsessed with the oxford heel or loafer heel, whatever you want to call this style.
{J.Crew Loafer heel}

{FCUK Loafer heel}
- Loeffler Randall Fall is rockin' my world.


Amanda (Sweet Tea Paperie) said...

Aren't shellac manicures amazing? I could never keep a manicure more than 3 days before, but my shellac lasts forever. Wonderful!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Good thing you don't live in Chicago b/c you would die with all the stinkin' elevators. I work in the Sears Tower. Yikes! :-)

Did you see my post about those loafers? I love them too.

I love your nail polish!!

Ashley Pepitone said...

I want those Minnies so badly! How do they fit?

e. said...

love and want those red minnies!

i am also obsessed with the loafer heels -- these are my two favorites so far



and that LR shape reminded me of this (slightly) which I am considering since I just bought a pair of heels in a similar snakeskin to that LR heel


Day Old News said...

Bam! Those nails are fly as hell. Love it!

Hannah said...

also lovin the loafer heels, i'll take a pair of each please!


Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

love your nail color and those FCUK loafers!! adorable!! :)

Katherine said...

omg I LOVE those J.Crew loafers - they do so many loafer shoes and I love all of them! How do you like the red minnies? I was thinking about them too...

Andee Layne said...

LOVE those red pants on you!!!!

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