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Catch Up

I have been out-of-town since last Wednesday for a work conference in New Orleans! I definitely had a blast and I am already missing the big easy. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities and even 4 days there wasn't enough time to do everything that I wanted this trip.

I am such a people watcher by nature. I can sit for hours and just watch people walk by in crowded venues or airports. This conference was right up my alley as there were 4 thousand people there from all over and we all had to wear nametags with our city and state. I was in people watching heaven the entire trip.

Per usual, I had to go to Cafe Du Monde for Beignets and a Cafe Au Lait:
And I had to show my co-workers the St. Charles Street Car ride:
I had my fortune read at Jackson Square. Miss Rose used a combination of Tarot Cards, Palm Readings, and Crystals. It was freaky accurate!
I got some new shoes:
And some new make up at Saks:
While I was at the Chanel counter I asked to sniff the new Chanel Number 19 Poudre fragrance. I am now obsessed and ordered a bottle last night. It is perfect mix of powdery and strong. I have found lately that I can only tolerate powder based perfumes.

The conference social was held at Mardi Gras World, aka where they store all of the mardi gras floats during the year. It was fun to get to see all of the floats and the new floats being built.
I dressed rather boring since it was a conference. It was hot outside, but freezing in the conference meeting rooms.

I wore a new Target for Missoni dress with leggings and painful Chanel ballet flats:
Since flats were not my friend this trip, I often wore my cowboy boots since I could wear them with socks. My feet were killing me the entire trip.
That's all I've got!


Hannah said...

Looks like you had fun in spite of the shoes not being comfy. I'm actually heading to Nola on Thursday for a few days. Can't decide on what shoes to take. Don't want to wear sandals and too hot for boots. Ugh.

Paige said...

Love your sassy new TB heels!

Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

I love NOLA! We've been once & are planning to go again for NYE! I cannot wait to get back to that fun & crazy city!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I love you in cowboy boots! And those new Tory heels are amazing.

2onplateaus said...

There is a Chanel fragrance I don´t know???? Hello? Chanel is French! European?! Paris is just a 4h drive away from where I live!
Pfff, I´m jealous... (...in a good way
I´m obsessed with Chanel N° 5 Eau Premiére right now).

Ok, I want the beignets, the café au lait and your Missoni outfit. Send it over to Cologne! Thanks!

xx Dorota

Much love from


Anna Dearmon said...

I like that pink blazer in the last pic. What is it? Where from?

Ashley Turner said...

Looks like fun! Love the cowboy boots!

Lissy said...

Ahhh, I've never been to New Orleans. Need to get there someday!

Katherine said...

fun! love your new TBs! and thanks for the link to your cowboy boots, i've been wanting some but didn't want to spend $600!

PSP said...

Love those TB heels and have been wanting them forever! Let us know if they're comfy!
Patty @pattyporeda

Emily said...

I could people watch FOR DAYS. Airports are the absolute best. People watching is totally my thing... my mom & I will even send each other picture messages with crazy outfits/etc!

Wooo, I am loving the new TB shoes! I haven't smelled Chanel #19, looks like I might have to get a whiff sometime soon

Lamb said...

Loving that you are as addicted in scoring Missoni for Target pieces as I am -- the shift dress is adorable. And I am craving beignets now :)

Hope you had a great time!

xo lamb loves

Kathleen said...

I was in NOLA last weekend AND the weekend before for work! Wish I would have run into you so I could have confessed my love of PIPM!! I blogged about my NOLA trip at www.carriebradshawlied.com.

Emily said...

So glad that you had a good time in my city - Mardi Gras World is awesome! I love that pink blazer!

Stacy said...

Okay! I give up! I have searched for the fabulous TB heels you got everywhere online! Any ideas on where I can find them? I'm obsessed! Must have! Looks like a fab trip despite the work :)

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