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Mixed Bag

Hello Kitties. Speaking of kitties, I am obsessed with this Victoria Beckham cat print dress:
So, I was reading the US Weekly Style edition and I saw these cute shoes from PAYLESS!
I don't think I've been to Payless since I had to get a pair of bridesmaid shoes specified by the bride. I thought Payless was supposed to be cheap? My total with tax was 60 dollars! They look a little cheapo in person, but I think they will be good traipsing shoes for winter.
Y'all, I need to SHUT IT DOWN with going to targets to look for more Missoni stuff. It's like a game for me! Yesterday I found that one of our Targets had restocked some of the home stuff. I got these bins.

And as if I needed another pair of flats:
Can you believe those bug bites? So nasty. Something went to town on my foot!

Neiman Marcus had a beauty event last week. I am SUCH a sucker for any "free gift with purchase" event. And of course, I love the free samples and want to purchase them all.
I got this leopard tote with the free gift as well. Our dogs hate being carried in purses.
I have a problem with buying coats. I bought these two this past week alone. Yes, that's the kids Missoni floral trench. Don't hate.


Ashley Turner said...

Funny thing about Payless... It's cheap but it lasts! I love Payless and have quite a bit of stuff from there that I got years ago! Cute shoes!

Make Mommy Chic said...

I saw that dress on a pic of Victoria Beckman today and was instantly smitten. It's really cute and would look great on you :) Also love the leopard print tote (I love all things leopard print, even underwear!). Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about buying some of the Christian Siriano for Payless shoes, but they're more expensive than I thought they would be! Every time I think about buying a "cheap" brand I'm surprised at how expensive it ends up being.


Gina said...

I get that type of reaction to bug bites too and a good friend just told me about this stuff called "Tiger Balm". It's kind of stinky but takes away the itch immediately and gets rid of the redness too! It's by the Ben-gay. You might give it a try. Great finds!

Emily said...

Dang girl I should have gotten you to get me some kids Missoni stuff while playing your target game ;) Al of the stores surrounding me are SOLD OUT. blah. I am definitely not hating that you can wear kids- I'm actually glad someone else can too!

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

its like a game for me too! ive been to a jillion targets in la, ordered $400 worth of stuff online, AND even had my friend in MEMPHIS send me some stuff!

i got 2 of those boxes and love them. great idea for putting them under a table. will be posting pics of my haul soon!


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

So jelly you got all that Missoni stuff. I have bought shoes at Payless in the last year and sometimes they are surprisingly comfortable!! Cute ones you got.

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