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Weather Fix

My ultimate go-to lately has been the whole "scarf with dress" look. The weather is chilly in the mornings and warms up considerably during the day. I love to just throw on a scarf with a dress and pair it with tights and boots or pumps.
I got this scarf this past weekend at the Junior League Merry Marketplace shopping event.
I think a scarf can totally change an outfit.

I got the printed one and a solid blue one:
Here are some of my favorite printed scarves out there right now:

{We Are Owls Scarf}

{Yarnz Scarf}

{DvF Scarf}


Pink and Fabulous said...

Totally agree - scarves are one of the best accessories!

Katherine said...

Love that first "We Are Owls" scarf!

Paige said...

Love scarves! They make all my super plain long-sleeved tees look much cuter than they are.

Ryan K said...

I love scarves!! :) That's all I need for the winter since I live in Florida.

Welcome to Real Raw Women! said...

Love the dress!! Love the scarf!! You look amazing!

Unknown said...

i love scarves and wear them year round. theyre such a versatile (and useful) accessory

lilmoomoo said...

I completely agree.

I also think that a scarf can either make or break an outfit :)

I got to wear my first scarf of the season today!!
It is finally getting cold out here in oklahoma!

Love your posts!



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