PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Q&A Monday!

Q&A Monday!

Shasta and I are starting a Q&A Monday link up! Feel free to take the questions and link up with us!
Sorry for the weird quality and stretched video.  Youtube always warps mine! 

1) favorite beauty product of all time

2) what do you use on your hair

3) complete skin care routine

4) favorite handbag

5) one thing you would change about yourself

6) one thing you like about yourself

7) most memorable outfit of all time

8) which celeb closet you would like to raid

9) describe your style in one word

10) how/why did you start blogging


Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

I love this!

The Sweetest Thing said...

Ok, I am new to blogging and I love yours! I want to do this whole link up thing but I have no idea how! Can I get some tips?!

Whitney said...

I love it :) Certainly going to do this when I get home

Day Old News said...

I think KK's closet too just because she must have everything. You know that was my question & it was probably my blog interview with you where you answered before. I change my mind all the time so I love to hear!

VC said...

YouTube warped mine, too. Oh, well...very fun! http://virginiaalamode.blogspot.com/

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

I love it! I linked up too :) You were the first blog I ever read!


Anonymous said...

Love this! :)

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