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Summer Essentials

With Summer quickly approaching it's nice to take inventory of your summer essentials.  Personally, I need to invest in a few of these pieces before summer comes. 

1. Cotton Maxi Dresses- I could live in maxi dresses in the summer.  They are so easy to dress up or dress down and it's an added bonus that they are super-comfortable.  

2. Jean Jacket- I think this item is essential to wear over said maxi dresses or even little summer sleeveless dresses.  I like to roll up the sleeves of mine.  Make sure you get one that is super soft and lightweight.  You don't want a thick jean jacket when it's hot outside.  

3. Fedora- Yes, this is a little "hipster", but a great fedora can not only shield your skin from the sun, it can also be a fashionable way to hide a bad hair day! 

4. Statement Sunglasses- I love statement sunglasses.  The bigger the better.  

5. Colored Denim- if you haven't jumped on this train yet, now's your chance.  There are so many different colored jeans out right now and the prices vary from high to low.  

6. Wedges- Everyone needs a good pair of wedges.  You can wear these with shorts, dresses, skirts, and even skinny jeans.  

7. Striped Cotton Dress- I think this is such an essential item this summer.  You can throw on a colored scarf or wear it with a jean jacket or blazer.  

8. Jean Shorts- These are a given.  You can dress them up with wedges and a blouse or go casual with a cotton tee and some flip-flops! 

Any other summer essentials that you all have to have?


Andee Layne said...

perfect picks!! I think its time for me to do a little spring summer shopping ;)

Mangolollies said...

Where are these basics from?

Allyson McGuire said...

I love these! I am all about big sunglasses - can't handle summer without them!


nowshine said...

jorts, oversized shirts and blazers and some isabel marant on my feet. yes please. wavy hair and a no make up make up ,) that´s what i need for my vacances en france ;)

Day Old News said...

Nice, that maxi is perfect and so are the cat eyes. I need big jewelry. When I'm wearing lightweight and simple fabrics, I got to doll it up!

Netty said...

Awesome picks...especially the light pink jeans :D

The Fashionable ESQ

Nuha said...

love the idea of that striped dress with a scarf (+fedora +wedgess) it would be so insanely cute!


Kristen said...

great picks! i would also include a great pair of flats

Nina said...

This is a great list! I basically live in maxis through the summer. I'm on the hunt for a striped dress now!

Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

perfect list!! i'm on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket.... so many of them are old school and stiff! boo.

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