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This week I re-discovered the classic denim jacket.  This white one is from the GAP and is literally from high school.  My Mom found it in our garage storage and brought it to me.  It's definitely circa 2002.  I wore it with a black cotton maxi dress one night and with some H&M conscious collection shorts another night.  

I definitely married into a very interesting family.  Rob's Mom is the author of Real Raw Women, a blog about healthy living and eating raw foods.  His sister has owned a yoga studio here in Memphis for a few years now.  His other sister owns a Chakra jewelry and healing crystal shop. Needless to say, I get my fair share of health info and quirky eating habits from them.  Last night we tested our body pH levels and made elixirs to counterbalance our alkalinity.  

Rob's sister has an array of supplements and concoctions.  She even ferments her own Kombucha! 

Have a great weekend, friends! 


Ashley Turner said...

I tried the flavoured Kombucha drinks a while ago and I just couldn't stand them... icky!

Andee Layne said...

how fun i love that kind of stuff! And you can't go wrong with a classic denim jacket! Love both the looks!

nowshine said...

her own kombucha? wow that´s interesting! i love practicing yoga, i´m a yogi ;)
i got a whithe denim jacket last year at h&m and was wearing it all the time, such a classic.
i posted the pics of my new skinny jeans today, here´s the link to the shop

and here am i wearing them in the post

i was thinking about getting the same shorts from h&m, that´s funny! but it´s still too cold to wear shorts so i didn´t buy them...i love both outfits!

SanFranciscoCA said...

Wait until you hear (read ) this....feel free to forward the video below to Rob's sister.

I decided to relax and watch some TED talks on Netflix instant streaming last night and of course chose "Beauty & Fashion: Beneath the Skin Deep" category first. Fashion designer Suzanne Lee uses KOMBUCHA to MAKE CLOTHES!!! (this video is only 6 minutes long, some presentations are a lot longer than that)

Also, if you're interested in nutrition (I've been doing yoga for years and my interest in eating whole foods came with yoga for some reason), watch these on Netflix (TED Talks Chew on this)

Have a good weekend!

Unknown said...

wow, that would be kind of cool to have so many health experts in your family! love the floral shorts in the first pic!

misslily said...

what fun to have access to so much alternative info!

Jess said...

Where is your chunky link necklace from? Love it!

Jess said...

Where is your chunky link necklace from? Love it!

Katherine said...

I can't believe that jacket is from 2002! I'm not sure anything from 2002 that I wore is remotely suitable for wearing lol...you had nice taste!

Unknown said...

Definitely bringing back my white denim jacket after seeing this post. Adorable, as always.



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