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Thursday Randoms

 If you haven't noticed yet, fragrances are my thing.  I love sampling different ones and find simple joy in discovering a new fragrance.  Somehow, I ended up smelling this Sisley-Paris Eau De Sisley "1" and loved it.  

How long have I wanted these freakin' Charlotte Olympia cat flats (the ones in the photo above aren't mine)? Remember this post from a while back?  It looks as if they will come in pink for the fall.  I've gotta make this happen!
You may remember me wanting some destroyed and faded denim from a few weeks ago.  I found these by J Brand and rolled them myself.  While the rolling isn't perfect, I like that they aren't too holy if that makes sense.  

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Ashley Turner said...

I saw a pair of gold glittery cat flats on Blonde Salad this week - they are wicked cute!

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