PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Shorts Galore

Shorts Galore

This summer shorts are everywhere!  I know shorts are kind of a summer staple in the first place, but I feel like this year more than ever cut-off and shorts in general are really popular! 

Personally, I love the cut-off shorts look with a white blouse and belt like the girl below.  I don't think I'd wear the socks and shoe combo, but I do love her look.  

Here are some of my favorites: 

Just a tip- I always get shorts a couple of sizes too big because the last thing you want is for your shorts to be skin tight. 


nowshine said...

love shorts, just got some baggy shorts in powder pink. and yes, i always go one size up too ;)
happy weekend!!

WorthyStyle said...

I love shorts - esp lightly worn and relaxed-fit ones. However, I could not have the pocket liners hanging out! Looks so weird and awkward to me.

Pamela said...

OBSESSING over shorts this season too - I actually managed to get some REALLY cute one at f21 if you can believe that!! have a great weekend megan!

Katherine said...

I love a good pair of cut offs -I basically live in them in the summer! If only I could wear them to work :)

misslily said...

ugh... this post is remining me that i need to start working out. i love the idea of going up a size in shorts!

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