PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: TGIF: Beauty Product Friday

TGIF: Beauty Product Friday

Hey hey! 

I've acquired some new beauty products over the past month that I have been waiting to test.  I wanted to give them a good run before I recommend them to you all! 

I am sure that most of you all think that I am a freak given how often I try skin care products. Well, it's no secret that I am a skincare junkie, so of course I love trying new products.  To be quite honest, I am always looking for the miracle product that just blows me away and I haven't found that in a long time.  

I think the last time that a product really wowed me was when I used La Mer Gel Cream a couple of years ago, and even then it wasn't so amazing.  

I loved Mario Badescu, but it was just a simple skin care line.  It was nothing special, it just did its job.  If you are looking for a very basic skin care line, I would highly recommend it, but you all know that I am always wanting something that will really work well.  

Enter SK-II.  I ordered some samples off of eBay a while back and was really floored at how different my skin felt after using their Facial Treatment Essence.  It's an interesting concept as it is literally a water like consistency that you just splash on your face, but the results were amazing.  

In true fashion, after trying the Facial Treatment Essence I ordered the Cellumination Serum EX which is amazing for fading sun spots and evening out your skin tone.  

I returned to my favorite eBay seller last week to order their Facial Treatment Masks.  These masks look really scary (as seen in the collage above), but boy do they work! 

There are a lot of reports that several eBay sellers sell fake SK-II products, so please do your research before purchasing a sample.  Check out the seller's feedback, location, and what others have said about the products. 

Moving on ... I also have been dying to try Creed fragrances.  They are really expensive for a fragrance, so I jumped on the opportunity to get a tester for nearly half than retail.  I really like the Spring Flowers scent, although it kind of reminds me of the scent of hairspray? I can't quite place it- do any of you all use this scent?

The picture above of me with the sunglasses was taken yesterday when I was driving back from a work retreat.  I absolutely HATE the sun in my face when I am driving.  I wish there were a way to tint cars so dark that the sun wouldn't even come through the glass.  I incessantly used the Peter Thomas Roth powder brush sunscreen that I bought last week, but I am not sure that it works very well as I still felt like I got some sun from driving.  


Belle on Heels said...

The mask picture is seriously cracking me up. I've heard wonderful things about SK-II products. I may have to do some eBay investigating. I'm intrigued!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I love Creed. Spring Flower is one of my favorites. I also LOVE Acqua Fiorentina and Love in White. Some of the men's fragrances are really nice for winter too, and are really more unisex than typical men's cologne.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

How about you wear a hat? :-)

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

I've been dying to give SK-II products a try. I hear Lisa Eldridge rave about them all the time. Apparently, their eye cream is fantastic because it is full of hyaluronic acid. Keep the skincare posts coming ...might just be my fave :)

Kat said...

No such thing as too much sunscreen! I wear at least 2 layers all over, every day.

Sandie said...

Do you not like the sun in your face because of the aging effects of the sunlight? I don't know if you've ever seen some Asian cars with their curtains for car windows. If you get the right kind it will be UV resistant and opaque enough to still see through it and you can pull it back at night. The only reason I know is because my mom had me put one on the driver's window. :P

It looks like this:

www.thewowie.com said...

I have worn spring flowers (only in the spring and summer) for years. A little goes a long way... It also smells good to add a spritz of Jo Malone Orange Blossom. Thanks for making me want to try SK-II... like I don't have enough products already! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate the sun when I drive too! I am in sales and in the car all day. I had a dermatologist do one of those screening of my face and you would be amazed at how much worse the left side was than the right. I also worry about the tops of my hands. May need the asian visor :)

TLF said...

My ex-husband got his front window tinted to match all his other windows.. he doesn't even need sunglasses, EVER. And you can't see inside of it, at all. I thought he'd surly get a ticket in Memphis having that, but it's been 2 years and not a one since!

Me.. the sun in my FRIEND!!!! I can not stand being pale and am totally addicted to laying out.. YOLO!

M said...

Love your blog!! Could you please sharewhat seller you use on ebay for the cellumination products. I am dying to try but don't want to purchase a fake product!

M said...

Could you please please please share the ebay seller you use for the cellumination products. I am wanting to try but not wanting to purchase a fake! Thanks so much!!

Reformed said...

Try Creed "Love in White." It's amazing!

Unknown said...

Skincare is important
Need some dress for party,please viwe

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