PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: J.Crew Sale

J.Crew Sale

J.Crew is having another one of their additional 30% off of sale events! 

I stocked up this past weekend.  I got ALL of these things for only 198.00 including tax :) 

In the bag: 

Two pairs of shoes.  

I got these flats

Retail: $125.00
Sale Price: $41.65

Retail: $49.50
Sale Price: $14.87

Retail: $125.00
Sale Price: $23.79

Retail: $69.50
Sale Price: $23.79

Retail each: $72.50, $79.50
Sale Price each: $17.84, $23.79

Retail: $29.50
Sale Price: $11.89

And I also got Rob a button-up shirt, but you all probably don't want to see it!

The extra 30% works on the website as well with the code MUSTHAVE.  

In my experience, I've found that things are marked down even less in the store and several things that I purchased on sale in store were not listed on sale on the website.  


m. said...

I tore up that shiz too!! I got one of the perfect shirts, white chinos, two pair of shorts, a t shirt, a little straw fedora...

oh, and three shirts for sean, and three shirts for cary and a hat for him too. Spent $150!

you got some great stuff!! good job!

Unknown said...

Their feather-weight v-neck sweaters at $19.99 too! I love their sales (and those pink jeans you picked up). Have a lovely week :)

Ashley Turner said...

Love the heart sweater!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

So funny I bought the pink and yellow sweaters. Love the heart one too. Think I might have to stop back in today! Love all your finds. Btw your comment about Crystal Harris made me laugh:).

Unknown said...

LOVE those pink jeans!

Kathleen said...

LOVING the flats and pink denim. Also loving the new clean & chic blog look and I can't believe you added me to your blog reel!! Are you the NICEST? #bloggerfriends

Kay Bee said...

If I could only make it to J Crew during the week. I'm going to try and go after work tomorrow...If I'm not feeling lazy! Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh those are some serious steals especially from JCrew! My faves are those ballet flats and silver flips! :)

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Nice work...I got the same flops in gold for summer! xx

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