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Mixed Bag

I finally got the highly coveted dicker booties that I've wanted for a long time.  I saw a pair pop up on eBay and I immediately pulled the trigger even though they are a whole size too big.  I know I will wear them with tights and little footies, so I think it will be fine.  You all know me, I can't pass up a bargain.  

The dicker boot is always sold out or pre-order.  I even tried to get the Steve Madden look alikes last fall, but my foot wouldn't fit in the tiny opening- such a design fail.  The thing I love about the dicker boot is the side zipper.  I think booties will be major this fall.  Speaking of booties I really want these outrageously grunge booties that are way too expensive.  Hoping to catch these on fleabay too.  

I have been blowing it out with the Facebook Jewelry Auctions lately.  The jewelry is so cheap and it's so easy to bid! I got all three of the necklaces in the above collage on the jewelry auctions.    I don't think a single one of them was more than 30 dollars.  

You will also see in the collage above a pretty piece of furniture that looks really expensive.  I love this armoire that my Mom got for me at an estate sale for a whooping ... 40 dollars! A little Old English and it was as good as new. 

I got some interesting recommendations after my post the other day about hating the sun in my face when driving.  

Enter the full face sun visor: 

And for times when I want to get really into it:  

Could you all imagine seeing someone driving down the road with all of this gear?  I love it! 

I just absolutely hate the sun.  I was doing some yard work tonight and even being outside for a short amount of time made me mad.  Even with sunscreen on my freckles come out in full force.  


Northern Mama from the South said...

What a great deal on the armoir, it's gorgeous!!

The full face visor is hilarious!! But why not drive around in a ski mask, that's not suspicious at all ;)

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Super envious of that estate sale find! I love an antique armoire!

Unknown said...

How do you find the jewelery auctions on fbook?

nowshine said...

yay for the im dicker boots! i also have them but i never wear them...don´t know whats wrong with me, haha ;) i´m on the hunt for some giuseppe zanotti sneakers in gold, always sold out in my size, sigh, ...always the same ;)
you need to move to germany sweetie, i feel like i´m living on the set of twillight, it´s such a grey and rainy summer this year. xx doro

living well said...

Where are the jewelry auctions on Facebook??!

k said...

Which facebook auctions do you like? I know of Bellevue but I'm looking for some new ones. thanks!

Red Lipstick said...

I hate, hate, hate sun too! LOVE the idea of the visor, can you tell me where you found it? sbradley2002@hotmail.com

I have the gloves in white and black, they are wonderful

Brandi Hudack said...

Where are the jewelry auctions on Facebook??!

Brittney said...

Funny enough, I'm from Los Angeles and the full face visors - and gloves - are huge. It started as an Asian thing (one of their tricks to keeping their skin and hands so youthful) and then slowly branched out from there! LOL

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