PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Easy Casual- Transition into Spring

Easy Casual- Transition into Spring

With this random time of the year comes that question you face every morning, "what should I wear today?"  I hate this transition time, but I have really learned how to throw some things together in this weird time of the year. 

1. Oxford Shirt- this is a simple and cheap oxford shirt from Old Navy. It will go with anything. 

2. Cotton Black Skirt- this one is old and by Theory, but it's lightweight and can be worn with many things during this transition time. 

3. Pashmina Scarf- go to any TJ Maxx or Marshalls and you are likely to find these cheaper printed pashmina scarves

4. Khaki Trench- this one is from Zara, but you can find them at places like Target and Forever 21

5. Spring Booties- you all know that I love me some Old Navy booties, so of course I had to have their spring version.  

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Red Lipstick said...

Love this look. I'm working at home two days a week and this is perfect for going out at lunch, and also for going to work.

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