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Home Makeover

I have begun the slow but exciting process of redecorating our house.  When we moved in almost 6 years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to the decor to be like, so I just picked up a bunch of crazy stuff from Pottery Barn and threw it all together.  

Lately, I've grown tired of the old decor and wanted to do something fresh for spring.  My Mom came down and we had the house painted a more neutral light color and found some cheap things at estate sales.  I also went with my friend to an estate sale where I was able to get a lot of One Kings Lane furniture for basically nothing.

I love the way it turned out, but I still need to find a new couch.  I am thinking a velour or velvet?  I definitely want something tufted.  What color do you all think?

Couch #1

I also need a new rug.  I tend to get a new rug every 3-4 years.  I always end up getting one that I hate down the road, so I am trying to find one that is pretty neutral so I will not hate it in a couple of months.

Rug #1
Rug #2
Rug #3

As with all things, I can't expect my redecoration to be done overnight.  It is a process and I am learning to be patient to try to find things that I know I will like down the road.    


MHM1314 said...

Love what you've done so far! Tip re: tufted couches -- get the buttons on the back and sides, but not on the seats. It is *not* comfortable to sit on or lie down on.

kt said...

I am absolutely in love with the new zebra/mirrored table/black chair set up! It looks so fresh, but not trendy. Good work!

My opinion for the couch would be to go with Leather. Velvet will not wear as well, and it will pick up EVERY piece of lint that floats within ten feet. That blue grey leather one looks comfy & sturdy!

I like rug 1 or 3... I think 2 will read as trendy in a year or two!

Jenn said...

love all this!!! couch 1 and rug 1 or 3. : )

Netty said...

I love what you've done so far. I have a gray "velour" or velvet couch..it's deep charcoal gray like the one you pictured, and I love it. It has endless design possibilities and all accent pillows look great against it!

The Fashionable ESQ

Unknown said...

Do not get a cream couch if you plan on having kids while you still have it! Learned that the hard way.

Unknown said...

Do not get a cream couch if you plan on having kids while you still have it! Learned that the hard way.

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