PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Styling Short Hair + Bonus HS pics of PIPM with bad haircuts

Styling Short Hair + Bonus HS pics of PIPM with bad haircuts

Here is a little YouTube video I did of my styling process with my shorter hair.  

I used before: 

And check out these blast from the past pictures of when I had the "You've Got Mail" hair as well as the "Charlie's Angels" hair.  I was obsessed with wearing turtlenecks with short hair and obviously teeth whitening.  You live and learn!

Woof woof woof!!!!! 


Unknown said...

I am dying laughing! I had no idea you would share those...but I have PLENTY more! Just wait for TBT this week :) :)

Ahly said...

I love when you do videos!How do you prevent the curling iron from making clip marks? I usually use a clip-less iron but when I don't, I find that the clip makes dents in my hair. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love that Cameron Diaz hair!! It was the best!!! Oh my gosh! Love it!

PS: love the video!


Jenn said...

love the video!!! please post more!!


kt said...

Oh gosh - I can totally relate to the hair! I def attempted the "Sliding Doors" hair in early 2000... yikes!

m. said...

AMAZING. I love this.

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