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Adult Acne Tips

When I was in my early 20's I was on Accutane.  It was awesome and I went years without having a zit or pimple at all.  Actually, I probably went until I was 29 with no serious breakouts at all.  For some reason, as soon as the new year started I began getting awful breakouts like I was a teenager again.  Sure, some are hormonal but for the most part I was beginning to think, "WTF is going on".  Here's what I've found that has helped: 

1) Stop trying so much crap- let's be honest, I am a product whore.  I love products and jump at the chance to try anything and everything on my face.  I would jump from skincare line to skincare line and would always pile on the free samples.  Kind of obvious here, but this isn't good for your skin.  

2) Start a Retinoid Cream- I've used Retin-A for years, but I had stopped using it a few months ago for reasons I don't remember.  As soon as I started using my retin-a again my face started to clear up.  

3) Get a good deep cleanser- I started using this black cleanser with the charcoal sponge and it has changed my skin so much.  I used to still see makeup after I cleansed my face with some cleansers, but since using the charcoal sponge I feel like my face is super clean.  

4) Start geting peels- I have had about 3 chemical peels since January and love the way my skin feels and looks after receiving them.  I have been getting the Jan Marini Refine Peels and they really peel your skin off! This is good because you sloth off the old skin revealing new perfect skin! You can also use glycolic peels for the same effect.  

So here's what I am currently using my face that I like right now: 

Any tips you all have to share?


Unknown said...

I also developed horrible acne in my late twenties. I tried so many products at once I think that contributed to the acne scars I have left as a souvenir. My derm prescribed Aczone which didn't do much for me and Epiduo (which is targeted towards teens) and that cleared everything up!

whistlingwings said...

Just started reading your blog as recommended by April from Page Boy. I've enjoyed your tips! My journey of managing adult acne started with Doxycycline which was wonderful until I wanted to get pregnant. It has now ended since I read 'It Starts With Food' , did the Whole 30, and realized my acne, and other skin issues, were dairy related.

JT said...

There's a free eBook on Acne treatments that helped me. It's at http://SNBeach.com

Good luck guys!

Em said...

I was still breaking out way too much by my mid twenties, and I ended up stopping using most products all together, which has completely changed my skin. I played around for a while to figure out what worked best for me, and my current routine is to wash with baking soda (to exfoliate) mixed with some African black soap (from Whole Foods). Moisturizing depends on the time of year/weather-I like Rosehip seed oil for something light, and if I need more I've made myself a cream out of cocoa butter and coconut oil, maybe some olive oil thrown in. Blemishes are now few and far between for me, and even when I do get them they disappear pretty quickly and don't leave marks. And another plus, all of this is extremely inexpensive!

Stacy said...

Your review of the black african soap has saved my life. I think it is just a matter of figuring out what works for your skin and sticking to it.

southernbellejm said...

i was on the fence about the charcoal sponge, but i'm going to try it now after reading your post:)

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