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Things We Need

I was going to title this post "Things You Need", but I need them too, so there you go.  

French Phrase Clothing

I am loving the emergence of the tees/sweatshirts/etc with French phrases on them.  I have been loving all things French since I was in high school (especially when I studied abroad there), so it's natural that I would want all the French things.  

I recently tried on this French tee at Madewell and of course I had to get it.  

Here are some other French things I love: 

Stitched Items 

I also tried on this dress at Madewell and loved it.  I didn't end up getting it, but I have a feeling I will snatch it up when it goes on sale.  

I also love these: 

Slip On Sneaker

This new trend has taken over the wedge sneaker of last year and I must say the slip on sneaker is looks much better! 

There are slip on sneakers for every budget. 

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