PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: My Current Skin Care Regimen

My Current Skin Care Regimen

I have found a simple and effective skincare regimen that just WORKS.  No fuss, nothing too expensive ... just results! 

Every Morning: I wash with my Kojic San Soap and pat my face dry.  I follow with my Vitamin C Serum and my Hyaluronic Acid Serum mixed together.  I then top it off with my sunscreen (which is seriously the best sunscreen ever). 

Every Evening: Every evening I wash with Cetaphil and then either skinstamp or apply retin-A.  I alternate nights on the skin stamping and the Retin-A.  Read below for the skin stamping routine. 

The Extras: I use my Mother-In-Law Jan's Real Raw Beauty Face Oil for removing my eye makeup (I swear it makes my eyelashes grow) and I LOVE her Mud Mask about once or twice a week.  All of her products are 10% off this Labor Day Weekend, so take advantage by shopping here

What is skin stamping you ask? Only the best thing ever.  I swear ever since I started doing this every other night my skin has completely changed.  It is smooth, it has less bumps, and I am noticing it's helping with hyper-pigmentation as well.

Never seen someone skin stamp before? Well I am here to show you what it's all about!

I got a Benev .8 mm Skin Stamp ... there are several different millimeters that you can get.  I'd recommend starting with .5 and moving up to 1.0.  There weren't many online when I looked, but this one from Amazon looks legit even though it's a little pricey. I skin stamp my whole face and then I always apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum right after followed by Avene Cicalfate to start to heal the microwounds.  

So that's what is working for me lately! I've never seen something change my skin quicker than this skin stamp has! And just to note, a skin stamp is very similar to a derma roller, but I think the skin stamp is more effective. 


Stacy said...

Good morning,

Is your face irritated the next day from the skin stamp? Love the review.

Stacy Blaise

Pretty in Pink said...

hey stacy! no it's not really irritated. it can be a little red still, but that goes away!

Stacy said...

Thanks...I'll check it out.


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