PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Guest Post: Mom's Med Minder

Guest Post: Mom's Med Minder

Today Kelly will be guest posting from Mom's Med Minder.  I have known Kelly for years- her little sister is one of my best friends and Kelly was always the "cool" older sister.  Read below for info from her new company. 

Hi everyone!  Thanks so much to my sweet friend Megan who is allowing me to guest post today.  I have been a daily blog reader and on-and-off blogger myself for years (I used to have a blog called Pink Daisies), and Pretty In Pink Megan is always on my list.  I have gotten so much inspiration and decorating, fashion, recipe and parenting tips from blogs.  One of my favorite all-time things is to get the girls to bed, get cozy on the couch, make a cocktail or glass of wine...have HGTV on in the background.....and scroll through blogs.  

Megan is letting me post so that I can tell you about my new company Mom's Med Minder.  I also have a blog that I would love for you to visit.  I hope I get to be on your daily read list.

My inspiration for this new business venture are these two:

These are my twins Ava and Charlotte. They call Megan "Meggy" and are like magnets to her.  They appreciate good fashion. :)   

A few years ago Char had pneumonia and Ava had strep at the same time.  Between fevers, antibiotics, breathing treatments, etc, I was going nuts trying to keep all the meds straight. I was doing my usual grab a piece of mail and write down when I gave a dose so I could remember the time.  That wasn't working great, so I made a poster to check off each time I gave them their meds.  

I started looking for a good medication reminder system on the app store or on-line, and I just wasn't thrilled with any of them.  Ease of use and the look of a site makes such a difference to me on whether or not I want to use it.  Plus, I wanted to be able to save the info so I could print it out to show the doc or look back on it.  It's amazing how many details you will forget by the time you get to the dr or years down the road.

So, the site was born, and the mobile app is only a few weeks from being launched. I am really proud of it, and I really want it to be successful.

Becoming a free user is super easy and quick, and it lets you use the MedMinder function.  If you upgrade and become a member for  just $12 a year, you can use all of the capabilities, and it really is neat.

I would love your feedback.

My sister and best friend is helping me get it off the ground.  This is she and I here.  I'm the one on the right. :)

​And this is she and her sweet family:

Thanks again Megan for letting me visit!  I appreciate everyone's support and hope to hear from you!

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! I would have loved to have had a better (and less stressful) system to manage my daughter's medication after surgery. Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to downloading your app when it is released. Thank you!

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