PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Updates + New Vlog with Saks Friends & Family Finds

Updates + New Vlog with Saks Friends & Family Finds

I am still loving the J.Crew Midi Skirts ... I just wore the navy one last week and love the way it looked with a white tee and pumps. 

J.Crew Midi Skirt (30% off with code "TIMETOSHOP")

I have also found the best blazer at J.Crew Factory- I got it in blue and black. 

Here I am wearing it in black and I wore it with a pencil skirt that is also from Factory. 

If you have an Off Fifth go see if they have these nude pumps- they are seriously the best! The brand is "Saks Fifth Avenue" black label.  I can't find them anywhere online, but they look super expensive and were only 59 dollars.  

Here are the items I talked about in the video: 

And here's the link to the Refinery 29 Eyebrow Transplant article. 


Netty said...

I love J.Crew factory! The stuff is so cute - while the sizing is off for me I find that the quality is still the same. Yay for your vlog!! xo


Jessica said...

That's the perfect white tee... Where is it from? Thanks!

Farrah said...

I like your videos! I don't want to read the article, but I pretty much stopped plucking and waxing because my mom is a serious over-plucker and her hair will not grow back. So, I just pluck a little in between.

Vintage Paints said...

Hi! I don't know how I came across your blog but I've been reading it for years and years and never commented. Your comments about toes made me seriously laugh out loud!!! I had a root canal yesterday and I'm sitting here feeling pretty miserable and definitely needed that laugh! Love your vlogs, keep 'em coming!

Kat Chan said...

I like the Jcrew skirt. I have yet to order mine. Still debating on color.

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