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Sweet Summertime

Every summer I start to yearn for fall very early in the season.  I really enjoy spring, but despise summer.  I hate the clothes, I hate how sweaty you get and how your feet swell when you wear nice pumps.  I am also paranoid about sun damage so I run from the sun.  Basically, I am being "that girl" that is complaining about the summer and it's not even July yet.  

With all of that said, we still have a good three months of heat and misery, so we might as well embrace it, right? 

Here are some summer items that have caught my eye recently:

Madewell Dresses

I actually purchased three of the four dresses above and they are great lightweight dresses for summer.  

J.Crew Geo Brushstroke Print

I love this recent print from J.Crew in the skirt, top, and dress

My favorite real housewives are back in Orange County this summer! 

What are your all's thoughts on the new season?  I can't get a good read on the new girl.  Also, I feel bad for Shannon ... I knew they were having troubles but I had no idea that David cheated on her.  

And just for added measure on my ready for fall feelings, here are some photos to get you ready for fall! 


Laura said...

I feel horrible for Shannon, too! And Megan Edmonds seems to be in an...interesting marriage? And Brooks still gives me the creeps.

Layla said...

Ah! I'm not the only one who tires of Summer after a month. Bring on Fall!

Layla said...

Ah, I'm so with you on everything you said about Summer. Bring on Fall!

Red Lipstick said...

p.s. can you do a Netflix tutorial? Am I the only person in America who doesn't use it?! lol I want to watch "a fuller house" so I am going to have to join. Please help! ;)

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