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I finished The Leftovers last week and it was so weird and creepy, but if you get into that kind of thing you should try it out! I am always fascinated by cults and end of the world stuff so this show was right up my alley. We don't even have HBO but I downloaded HBO Now on my iPad because you get the first month free and then you can cancel.  I also watched True Detective season 1 for the 4th or 5th time because I love it that much.  

I've recently been plagued with bad dark under eye circles and was looking for a really good concealer that would make them less apparent.  I had a friend suggest this Amazing Cosmetics concealer and definitely lives up to its name! It is pretty thick but easy to work with so a little goes a long way.  Most Sephora stores don't carry it and some have the small little samples by the checkout counter so your best bet is to order it online.  I am the color fair for reference. 

Did anyone else have a spurt of warm weather this past weekend?  We experienced temperatures in the 70's and it was so nice to be able to get outside without having to wear a coat.  I wish I lived in Arizona , Florida, or southern California so I wouldn't have to deal with winter.  I most definitely have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) where you are more depressed and in a funk during the colder months.  I'm really good at diagnosing myself and others with psychological disorders so shoot me an email if you want to tell me your symptoms! LOL. 

I get asked about 2-3 times a week if I am wearing false eyelashes.  I know I've posted about my routine before but just in case you are curious I decided to post it again.  I have been using Revitalash for over a year.  I know I posted about that knock-off Latisse a while back, but I still exclusively use Revitalash.  To me it works just as good as Latisse without the side effects.  Plus a whole tube lasts me almost a year so it's a win-win.  I put a swipe of this on my eyelids every single night and sometimes in the morning.  You have to be pretty consistent with it at first to see results, so make sure to use it every single night. 

I also still use my mother-in-law's face oil to take off my eye makeup and I swear that has a lot to do with my eyelash growth too.  I take two pumps and vigorously wipe over my eyelashes and then I take a warm washcloth and wipe everything off.  

Hope to have more posts this week including a video on how I curl my hair! 


Riri said...

Ulta carries the Amazing Cosmetics concealer! I have to mix two colors to get a good match but the always seem to have plenty.

Scott and Audrey said...

Have you ever had issues from ordering from Amazon for the lash product? Worries me since half the price and going in the eye!

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