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Le Tote Update + Other Reviews

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I wanted to do another review and update of Le Tote because after poking around on their website a little more, I realized I was doing it wrong the whole time I ordered my first month.  I thought the style quiz results were what you had to get in your box, but you can totally switch out items and modify their picks which makes all the difference.  I was also confused about the price- it's 56 dollars a MONTH not a BOX.  So, with that said, I think I will continue my subscription since it's a pretty inexpensive way to get new and fresh clothes for work and easily return them by throwing them in the pre-paid bag they send with your box.  

The second part of this video is a review of items that I've received in the mail for free for a non-paid review.  I want to make sure I'm very clear on what items are provided to me for free in exchange for a review so I stated that in the video right before I begin to talk about them.  

I really did love the Japonesque Velvet Touch palette.  I love the variety of blush colors and the fact that it includes a highlighter as well as a bronzer all conveniently located in one palette. 

I do like the idea of frownies, but I don't know that I would use them every day like they suggest.  If you can be diligent about using them I think it makes sense that they would train your muscles to stop moving as much resulting in less wrinkles.    

I was very curious to try Colleen Rothschild products after seeing a lot of other bloggers review them and I have to say I am loving the Sheer Renewal Cream because it is very light and oil free but still nourishes your skin and has anti-aging benefits.  It's also a good price point for a daily moisturizer and I really love that it isn't heavy and allows your skin to breathe! The cleansing balm is nice too and smells amazing.  She also makes a Mandelic Acid Serum that I am wanting to try after seeing one of my fave bloggers, Little Blonde Book, talk about it on snapchat.  

How cool was the makeup remover glove?  I kind of felt like Michael Jackson in the video, but it really did remove all of my face makeup.  It would be perfect for traveling so you wouldn't have to pack a face cleanser.  It says you can just rub a bar of soap on it and hang it to dry.  

Do you all enjoy the reviews of items that are sent to me?  Just let me know in the comments.  I appreciate the feedback.  


Betsy said...

I Love your reviews! I am getting the nuface mini because of you. So happy your back blogging!

Pretty in Pink said...

@Betsy Thank you!!

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