PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: A PIPM Christmas + $500 Nordstrom Giftcard Giveaway

A PIPM Christmas + $500 Nordstrom Giftcard Giveaway

I thought it would be fun to show you all what I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas this year from Santa.  I just turned 32 so I definitely feel like I'm too old for these "want lists" because TBH I would really just like for someone to pay a couple of bills and get me some Amazon gift cards and I would be as happy as a lark.  Anyways, I thought it would still be entertaining to tell you all what I would wish for if I had a list for Santa! Some of these are things that I've already purchased for myself so I guess you could say this is a list of things that I bought myself for Christmas :p

1. Gift Card for Nails- I've been getting my nails done as long as I can remember (at least since I was 14).  I don't think there's ever been a period longer than a couple of months where I didn't have some sort of acrylic, shellac, or dip powder (I've been getting SNS dip nails for almost a year and I love it) on my nails.  Do the math- that cost adds up quick going in every 2-3 weeks to get nails redone.  A gift card for a nail salon is always the perfect gift and who doesn't love a pedicure too! You truly can't go wrong here. 

2. iPhone 7- I'm always a sucker for the newest iPhone and I usually always upgrade when the new phone comes out.  I wasn't sure about the iPhone 7 because of the wireless headphone addition, but I think I am going to get one anyways.  I look at it this way: my phone is basically like a third arm and I rely on my phone to be fast, take good pictures, and not make me want to throw it across the room when it's being slow or buggy.  I feel like my phone has been so crappy lately which I take as a sign that I need the new iPhone 7.  

3. Burberry Trench Coat- I've always wanted one of these and I think that they are so classic and a timeless wardrobe staple.  However,  I would never pay retail and would probably find one at a resale shop or on eBay.  I have also been wanting the quilted coat that was so popular like 10 years ago (I actually had one and sold it, go figure).  I don't know why I've been loving the Burberry check pattern lately ... probably because I am desperate for a trip to London.  

4.  Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots- I have wanted these forever and as much as I tried to find a good lookalike pair, the truth is that none of them were good quality and they all looked so cheap. I ended up finding a pair on sale and finally bought them in the sand color.  I am about 2 years late with these but I still think they will be a good boot to have for many seasons.  

5.  Leopard Coat- I have a vintage leopard coat somewhere in my attic but I have been too lazy to go up there and search for it.  I think this one from Mango is so cute and have seen a lot of people wearing it this fall on Instagram.  I am waiting for it to go on sale and I will scoop it up! 

6. Ugg Boots- Hate all you want but Ugg Boots are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes that you will ever put on your feet.  I am embarrassed to say that both of mine have been worn for more than 5 years which is pretty disgusting if you think about all the nasty foot gunk that has probably accumulated on the inside.  I think it's time that Santa brought me a new pair of Uggs for Christmas! 

7. Diptyque Candles- these are so overpriced but I really think the scents are unique and different from any other candles that I have smelled.  I really like the Baies and Figuier scents and this little sampler kit comes with a smaller version of 3 popular scents.  They also have some good Holiday scents but I always feel like Christmas is too late to be giving someone Holiday scents so I would just go with the classic ones as a gift.  

8. Botox- what's better than getting a gift card for Botox for Christmas?  If you follow me on Snapchat you know that I love my forehead Botox and usually get it every 6 months.  Botox can be very expensive if you get  a lot of it (typically I get somewhere around 46 units) so a gift card for facial services would be the perfect gift for a lady friend you know wants to rid herself of forehead wrinkles forever! 

9. Cow Art- I love unique art pieces and have been eyeing a cow painting for a long time.  A little piece of art is a perfect gift, especially for someone who loves gallery walls because they can just throw it in with their other art.  I like to collect prints and art when we travel and recently made a gallery wall this past summer that would look great with this cow painting addition! 

Feel free to buy me any of the aforementioned items for Christmas :) 


I have teamed up with some awesome blogger friends to give away a $500 Giftcard to Nordstrom!  All you have to do is follow the prompts in the Rafflecoptor below - Good luck! 

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