PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Colors of Fall

Colors of Fall

Sweater: Tibi 
Skirt: Cece
Tights: Spanx
Scarf: Free People
Bag: Nordstrom
Booties: Rag & Bone

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with scarves and wear them any chance that I can get, so when I saw this fluffy cozy looking Free People scarf floating around I knew I needed to add it to my ridiculous scarf collection.  This bucket bag is only 15 dollars on the Nordstrom website, but it looks like it's sold out in black.  I wore my hair straight for a change.  People always like it straight but honestly, I prefer it curled- I just wish it weren't so damaging to curl every day!  I am so envious of people whose hair will stay curled for days and days.  My hair will not hold a curl for longer than a few hours no matter if I use hairspray or not.  Any tips? 

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Jahaag said...

Have you tried City Swept by B&B? I have thick, but fine hair and it makes the curls hold for days and days. It is a spray wax.

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