PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Current Drug Store Beauty Favorites

Current Drug Store Beauty Favorites

Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo- OMG! This shampoo changed my life!  Thank you so much to whoever on snapchat recommended this shampoo because it is amazing.  I was looking for a shampoo to help my oily hair and this definitely did the trick, plus it's only 3 dollars for this huge bottle! 

Garnier Volume Mousse- I read an article online about some celebrity that has really voluminous hair and her hair stylist said the trick was mousse.  I had never tried mouse on my roots before (I know, I was living under a rock), so I decided to get this one because it was cheap and it said something about volume.  I sprayed it on sections of my hair at the root and it made all the difference and made my hair super bouncy and fluffy.  

Dove Voluminous Dry Shampoo- I have been out of dry shampoo for a while and grabbed this one because I liked the packaging.  I have been using it a couple of days and I love it because it doesn't leave a residue like some dry shampoos do.  

Biore Pore Strips- these have been a beauty staple for me since college.  I get a sick joy out of seeing the blackheads and clogged pore gunk that comes off on the pore strip.  

Pantene Air Hairspray- I usually hate hairspray and only use it maybe once a year (seriously) because I hate the way it makes my hair feel.  Lately my hair won't hold a curl so I've been trying to find a hairspray that doesn't make my hair feel crunchy or sticky.  This one is alcohol-free and seriously feels like there is nothing on my hair.  

Tend Skin- girls! This stuff is a must have if you suffer from razor burn on any area of your body.  I got this after searching google for a suggestion because my underarms get the worst razor burn and just by using this stuff maybe once a week for the past 6 months, I barely have any razor burn anymore.  Highly recommend.  Just a tip- order this online because I went to three different Targets looking for it and could never find it.  

Johnson's Bedtime Baby Lotion- As someone who is obsessed with perfumes, when I run across someone that smells good I will seriously stop them and ask them what scent they're wearing.  I did this once to a girl and she said this stuff was all that she was wearing.  Ever since then I have bought this lotion to use after taking a shower.  It gives the best scent but is also not too strong.  

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin- Okay, so if you don't know, this is nipple cream.  I have really bad chapped lips and someone suggested using this for chapped lips.  It REALLY works and has become my go-to for putting on my lips throughout the day.  PS- it's hard to find in Walgreen's ... it was near the baby food, I think beside the breast pump items.  

Do you all have any Drug Store beauty favorites? 


Rebecca said...

I've used Dove dry shampoo for years, and I prefer it over the pricier stuff you can get at Sephora. As a brunette, it's hard to find one that doesn't leave my hair looking gray, and Dove blends right it and the smell is not overpowering. I may need to try the Sauve for using every few washes.

Unknown said...

How does the mousse feel in your hair? Can you tell that there is product? Also, I just saw someone's Snapchat or Insta story and Lansinoh Lanolin does make a tinted lip balm. Comes in a tube. Just a heads up! Will also check out the Suave!!

Pretty in Pink said...

@rebecca i prefer it over the pricier stuff too! and the suave is great- give it a try.

Pretty in Pink said...

@haley- it was crunchy until i brushed it out , but once I brushed it out it was fine :)

Vfrederick said...

I love the Suave dry shampoo. I will have to try the Dove one.

Emily Amy said...

This is such a great post! I'm jumping on Amazon prime and ordering one of each item to try right now. So, oddly enough my husband has developed an allergic reaction to the alcohol in hairspray so has avoided using it. He will be pleased to try out this new kind. Thanks!

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