PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Very Basic Girl Outfit

Very Basic Girl Outfit

Turtleneck- J.Crew
Jacket- Vintage (similar for $50)
Jeans- Madewell
Booties- J.Crew (similar)

Do you all like the hat look or nah?  I have been on the fence about these kinds of hats to be honest.  I think they are so cute on other people, but every time I wear them I kind of feel like a tool.  I actually found this one on a resale group, but can you believe that it retails for $195 dollars? It's very well made and looks really nice in person, but y'all, I found a great dupe at Wal-Mart LOL.  When I was in there during the great poncho hunt of 2016 I saw these hats and got the black version.  I have been looking for the tan color in a size large enough to fit my huge head.  

Here is my Janessa Leone hat next to my black Wal-Mart hat

What do you all think? Do you like the look of these hats? 

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