PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Recent Beauty Reviews in 2017: Primers, Powders, & Peels

Recent Beauty Reviews in 2017: Primers, Powders, & Peels

Products Discussed:
Secret Extensions
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Chanel CC Cream
Hourglass Diffused Light Powder
Anastasia Dipbrow
Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Sheet Mask
Skin Obsessions Peel
Lipsense Lipsticks


Unknown said...

I've heard such good things about those Secret Extensions and now am super curious to try them myself! Great video!

xo, Sara

Jessica J said...

I love Chanel CC cream! It is so great! And now I am so curious about extensions.
xo Jessica

Little Tree Vintage said...

thanks for sharing babe!!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

Love all these products!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

And I had mine micro-bladed. I absolutely loved them at first BUT I wouldn't recommend them now. It fades very quickly for the price! I paid near to $400 about 8 months ago and need to get them redone. :( If you have frivolous money, do it! I just think the money could go to other things. Also, if you choose to get them done, go darker and thicker than you think...you will look like Oscar the grouch for a couple weeks, but then it fades. :)

Curly Girl Confessions said...

haha, I keep commenting without watching the whole thing! I love LipSense and if you buy the old school neutrogena wash bar (it's kind of clear with a tinge of brown) it comes right off!

Stephani said...

Omg I love lipsense!! I just became a distributor so I'm really excited about that!! But you can use neutragena bar to wash it off I also use the boscia sake water I believe it's called and that takes it off just takes a few more rubs!

Xo, Steph | www.sassandsun.com

Unknown said...

I used to wear halo extensions! My hair was longer, so you're right it did blend well, but you could make it work! Take it to your salon to have the color better matched! xx

Unknown said...

Love that Hourglass product! I used to work for corporate!!

Megan said...

I want to try that hourglass powder!! Also I know a lot of people who have gotten the microblading done and have seen amazing results! Just make sure wherever you get it done has a good reputation and does good work!

xo Megan | pinebarrenbeauty.com

Unknown said...

I def want to try extensions! I will def be looking into them! I have super thin hair and would love a little volume!

Sarah Lindner


Emily said...

i've been dying to try extensions - definitely going to need to check these out. thanks so much for sharing!

xo Emily

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