PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: My Top Nine Favorite TV Shows

My Top Nine Favorite TV Shows

True Detective: I've honestly watched True Detective Season 1 at least 15 times and it never gets old.  If you love crime shows and want something dark and intense, this is your show! It is a few year's old, but is available on the HBO GO app, which I pay ten dollars a month to have.

Homeland: I thought about putting Homeland as number one for me but sometimes the seasons can be slow in the beginning.  I think seasons 1-3 of Homeland are very captivating and thrilling and then seasons 4 and 5 get a little slow and boring.  It's still one of my favorites though and if you haven't seen it you are definitely missing out!

Breaking Bad: I remember when I first discovered Breaking Bad I watched every episode available in one weekend, seriously watching it from the moment I woke up until like 3 in the morning each night.  If you like drama and get into drug cartel stories you will love Breaking Bad. 

House of Cards: I get SO excited every year when Netflix releases the House of Cards premiere date.  This show had me hooked from the very first episode and in true binging fashion I will have a HOC marathon every time a new season gets dropped and will watch them all in one weekend.  People are always like, oh you'd love Scandal on NBC and I always kind of laugh because trust me, nothing beats House of Cards in my book.  I've tried to watch Scandal so many times and the cheesiness and PG13 is just too much for me.  I need the drama!

The Affair: I love the way that The Affair splits the episode up into different character's points of view of the same situations.  This show definitely fills my Soap Opera void but does it in a way that isn't too sappy or cheesy.  Plus I get to look at Joshua Jackson (hello Pacey!) during many of the episodes. 

Mad Men: How can anyone not love Mad Men?  I was talking to someone the other day who hadn't seen Mad Men at all and I was begging her to watch it because it's so good! Set in the 1960's and 70's, Mad Men follows several employees of an Advertising Agency and the drama of their personal lives.  

The Handmaid's Tale: OMG yes this show just started last month but it is already in my top shows because it's that good!  I honestly never thought that Hulu could produce such a good show (I've watched a couple of their original series shows in the past and wasn't that impressed) so I wasn't expecting a lot when I watched the first episode of THT, but from the first scene it had my attention and I watched all 5 available episodes in one night! It's so weird and crazy but you simply must watch.  

The Killing: This is another dark and rough crime drama but is very well written in my opinion and I'm not sure why it only lasted three seasons.  I think this show could have gone on for a few more seasons with more character development and story lines. 

Game of Throne's: I will admit that it took me many years to start watching Game of Thrones.  Rob would always tell me how good it was but I just didn't think I would like it because 1) I don't usually like shows with a lot of fighting and action scenes and 2) I usually don't like shows that are set in medieval times.  However, last year around this time I binge watched every season over about a 2 month period of time and became so obsessed with it! 

Honorable Mention: Big Little Lies, Revenge, The Original 90210, Bloodline, Sex and The City, Billions, Arrested Development

What are some of your favorite shows of all time?


Unknown said...

I originally felt the same about GoT. It's just usually not my style of show. But back when my husband and I got married in 2012, we had a brand new fancy smart TV in our house and wanted to find something to watch on the HBO Go app, so we started GoT. And we both became obsessed. Only like two seasons were out at that point, but we spent the first full week of our marriage, before we left on our honeymoon, binging. My husband has read all the books -- I haven't gone that far. I do have to say, though, I've almost abandoned it a few times the last couple of seasons -- it's gotten way too gratuitously violent for me and I literally felt ill watching some of the Ramsey scenes. It got a little better once he was gone.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Better Call Saul? Spin off of Breaking Bad and it is SO good.

DanielleWoods91711 said...

SO good! I love how they bring back so many characters!

nowshine said...

Omg, yaaaaa Joshua Jackson (heart heart heart lol). I´m also so much into Homeland, HOC, The Affair... but what about Peaky Blinders?! Aaaaaah I love love love Tommy Shelby (even more than Joshua Jackson)!

Pretty in Pink said...

@Jessi I was the same with GOT. Once I had the HBO Go app, I binged through the seasons.
@Anon I have not watched that yet!
@Danielle Me too!
@nowshine Ronnie watches Peaky Blinders. I haven't started it yet.

Becca said...

I watched the first couple of seasons of Homeland and then stopped and didn't pick it back up. I LOVED The Killing and True Detective. I'm watching The Night Manager right now - SO SO GOOD. Brilliant acting, beautiful scenery, and the perfect amount of drama/crime/mystery.

I think I'm the only person on earth who hasn't watched Breaking Bad. I've watched the first two episodes and was bored... maybe I should give it another chance!

Laura said...

I loved Mad Men. I also loved Breaking Bad. House of Cards is also enjoyable. I stopped watching Scandal this year. You're right. It was just cheesy. My favorite show of all time is a tie between The Sopranos and The Golden Girls.

Laura said...

True Detective was excellent but season 2 was the worst!

Anonymous said...

Other than The Handmaid's Tale (I haven't seen it yet) those are all favorites of mine. Other favorites are: Ray Donovan, Peaky Blinders, Happy Valley, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, The Honorable Woman, Fargo, The Fall, Vikings and I have to add Schitt's Creek. David Rose is my spirit animal! lol

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