PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: Quick Reviews- Loopy Phone Case & Julep Skincare and Makeup

Quick Reviews- Loopy Phone Case & Julep Skincare and Makeup

In this video I am talking about this Loopy phone case that has literally changed my life in just a week- haha.  

I am being a little dramatic, but seriously this is so genius and helps prevent you from dropping your phone a million times which is what normally happens to me every day! Between this case and the screen protector that I use I don't have to worry about ever shattering my iPhone! 

I am also talking about a skincare brand that was sent to me to review called Julep - I have been using their stick cleanser as well as their cream to powder eyeshadow and I love both products! I also really like their moisturizing lipstick because it has a little round piece of lip balm in the middle of the lipstick to help condition your lips while also adding color.  


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