PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: PIPM's Big Nordstrom Sale Post

PIPM's Big Nordstrom Sale Post

So I'll keep this short and sweet- I am going to have a couple of posts about the Nordstrom Sale (isn't it seriously the longest sale ever?).  The first one is today (duh) because today is the start of Early Access if you have a Nordstrom Card or Debit card.  The sale will open to the public non-cardholders on July 21st.  I honestly just started shopping at Nordstrom last year and caught on at the tail end of last year's sale because I succumbed to all of the peer pressure of people posting cute stuff on instagram ... and by the time I decided I would order stuff it was all sold out!  That being said, my one piece of advice is just to order everything you want and worry about sending it back later if you don't like it.  At least you'll have it and won't chance it selling out.  

What's the big deal about this sale you might be asking yourself?  Basically, Nordstrom puts all of the new fall 2017 items on sale before fall is here and there are always a lot of other regularly priced items on sale as well like beauty and home items.  

Let's get started!  I made two collages today- the first collage is all of the items that I ordered and the second collage are things that I already own that I recommend!  


1. AG The Legging Step Hem Jeans- I see these jeans on the Nordstrom sale every year, and every year I talk myself out of buying them.  I will then see them so many times on people I follow and will regret not getting them on the sale.  This year I am pulling the trigger.  

2. Cherlin Leather Jacket- I just love this basic black leather jacket and the price is right.  I will be able to wear this with jeans or over a dress.  

3. Hinge Ruffle Jacket- I thought this was a cute little jacket to wear once it starts getting chilly.  It also comes in an olive green color which will be great for fall.  

4. Hinge Button Up Dress- I thought this dress looked easy and breezy and will be really cute with booties or OTK boots when it starts to get cooler.  

5. Madewell Catskills Jacket- this is the perfect utility jacket and will get lots of use, especially here in Memphis where it doesn't really get that cold in the fall.  

6. Coffee Travel Mug- this was too funny not to get ... I don't even make my own coffee at own very often #starbucksaddict but I will use it for something! 

7. Diptyque Candle Set- I love Diptyque candles and can't wait to burn some of the ones that I haven't smelled yet! 

8. Chelsea28 Bell Sleeve Top- this top is SO adorable and comes in white and blue.  I ordered the blue one but the white would be a great basic.  

9. Dolce Vita Booties- I feel like I went a little overboard with the booties, but you all know that I love them and can't help myself! 

10. Aquatalia Waterproof Booties- I have a pair of Aquatalia OTK boots and I swear they have been the best investment in shoes that I've ever made.  Aquatalia makes waterproof shoes which is great if you live in area where it snows a lot.  

11. Stuart Weitzman Booties- I was on the fence about these but I ordered them and will see when they come in.  I love the color but I'm not sure about the shape.  

12. Sam Edelman Booties- I love these because they have an open toe and look really comfortable because they are made out of a stretchy material.  


1. Black High Waist Jeans- I'm sure if you've followed me a while, you've probably seen these jeans on me one million times as they are my absolute favorite jeans in the whole wide world.  

2. BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket- I wore this jacket so many times last fall and winter and this year it comes in so many different colors! 

3. Madewell Denim Dress- this dress is a great basic and I wear it ALL the time.  You can even wear it with tights and booties when it starts to get cold.  

4. Natori Bra- I got this bra last year during the Anniversary Sale and it's by far the most comfortable bra that I've ever owned.  

5. Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots- these are similar to the Stuart Weitzman OTK boots that I have from last year and the price is right if you are in the market for a pair as these boots hardly ever go on sale. 

6. BKR Water Bottle Duo- I have this water bottle and I love it!  I always get so many compliments when I take it to work out.  

7. Trouve Fringe Jacket- I didn't get this but I really wish one of you all would because it is seriously the coolest jacket I've ever seen. 

8. Silk Pillowcase- I am telling you, this pillow case is life-changing.  As someone who already has trouble sleeping, I just can't explain how great the silk pillowcase feels at night.  Plus as an added benefit, it's supposed to help with anti-aging by not causing face wrinkles.  

9. Molton Brown Body Wash Duo- I love all of the Molton Brown scents and this duo is great for a gift or if you just want to stock up.  

10. Vince Camuto Cut Out Booties- I didn't buy these but I kind of wish that I did.  I remember these from last year's sale and they sold out really quickly.  

11. Neulash Duo- I love Neulash and Revitalash equally, so if you're in the market you should take advantage of this opportunity to get two for the price of one! 

12. Revitalash Duo- same sentiments as above, time to stock up on ALL of the eyelash products.  

And that's it folks! I hope you enjoyed this quick rundown of the Nordstrom Sale and what I bought and recommend.  Let me know what you get in the comments below! Happy Shopping! 


Unknown said...

I just bought my first pair of AG jeans! After hearing so many people rave about them, I am excited to try them out!

Unknown said...

I got AG jeans during the anniversary sale last year and I love them!

Unknown said...

You did such an amazing roundup! I bought another pair of AG jeans this year!

Laura said...

I love Revitalash, I use it daily it's really great that duo would be perfect. I love the picks you shared!

Anna E. Fox said...

LOVE this sale, great picks babe!

Unknown said...

Love everything about this sale!!!!

Lee Anne said...

Ooooh, love your picks!

Lee Anne

Kim said...

AG jeans are the best! I had to pick up another pair during the sale since the price is so good!


Nataly said...

So many great picks here!

Unknown said...

I love all the items you styled!! Cant wait to see more of your picks throughout the sale:)

xoxo, Hannah

Unknown said...

Love your picks! So excited about this sale!

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