PIPM: Pretty in Pink Megan: My 6 Favorite Perfumes Right Now

My 6 Favorite Perfumes Right Now

If you've been following PIPM for a while you will know that I have a thing for perfumes.  I collect them, I try them, I love them.  I will go through phases with a certain perfume and then grow tired of it and move on to another one.  Currently there are about six perfumes in rotation on my perfume stand, a few being new scents that I wanted to share with you all.  

1. Diptyque L'Ombre dans l'eau- of course I am obsessed with anything French, so Diptyque candles and perfumes have been a long time favorite of mine.  I recently got this scent and I love how light and easy to wear that it is.  I would say this is a universal scent that most people would like to wear.  It literally means a shadow in the water and is supposed to evoke a garden on the edge of water.  

2. Tom Ford Santal Blush-  this has been a long time favorite of mine as I love basically any Tom Ford fragrance.  Santal Blush is a soft combination of sandalwood and florals that will have people stopping you and asking what perfume you're wearing.  

3. Byredo Mojave Ghost- I've had this perfume for almost 3 years and I will go in phases with wearing it.  I got it in Las Vegas so it always makes me happy to wear it (LV is one of my favorite places).  Mojave Ghost is more woody and musky, and I like to wear it in the fall and winter, but will occasionally bust it out during this time of year when it's almost fall.  

4. Gourmand Macaron Rose- I got this at Urban Outfitters for $18 and really love the scent for the price.  I love anything rose scented, and this one is more sweet and feminine like something you may wear on a first date.  I would highly recommend these inexpensive fragrances from Urban Outfitters.  

5. Valentino Donna- this is a new discovery for me and OMG I love it!  This fragrance literally encompasses all of my favorite notes: rose, leather, bergamot, and vanilla.  This is definitely going to be my fall signature scent.  

6. Hermes Jour d'Hermes- this is a scent that I toyed with getting for a year or so and when Ronnie called me from duty free and asked if I wanted a perfume I told him to get this one.  This perfume is definitely more floral and citrusy than any of my other ones, but I like to wear it.  

What perfumes are you all loving lately? 


byQuinn said...

I have never tried these but my favorite is Light Blue by Dolce and Gabana!

Michelle || www.byquinn.com

Molly said...

I never wear perfume and I was just telling my husband that I should!

Jenna Colgrove said...

always looking for a good new scent!!

Mrs. M said...

My favorite is Issey Miyake

Kasey Goedeker said...

I never know how to pick out perfumes! These sound great, though!

Sydney Power said...

Thanks for sharing! I have been thinking it's time for a new scent.


Love all of those especially the Valentino one! It's my fav :)

SGT said...

I need to go smell some of these - sound heavenly!

Morgan Flinchum said...

I'm more of a body spray gal but want to start testing more perfumes!

How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

Taylor Ann said...

These sound great!!

Tif Nichols Fannin said...

I love any Tom Ford perfume too! I haven't smelled this one yet though.


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